Sonlight Core A (Week 6)


This week we continued reading through the life of Moses.

Crossing the Red Sea:

We parted our cottage cheese “sea” while reading the amazing story of how God parted the Red Sea and made a dry, wide path for his people.

This story NEVER gets old and reminds us that God ALWAYS makes a way!

Later on, I made some Red Sea Cookies with Annie’s Bake and Share Sugar Cookie Dough.

Right after they came out of the oven, I pressed a knife down the center to make a path, sprinkled cinnamon, spread blue gel frosting on the sides, and layed a few small Swedish Fish.

They were a sweet treat to remember how God takes care of His children!

Marah, Manna, & Quail:

As the Israelites journeyed to the promise land, God provided for their needs.

I sprinkled manna (cotton balls) while the boys pretended to sleep.

They collected just enough for that day, because God was teaching his people to rely on Him.

Then I sent quail (craft feathers) into their camp in the evening.

They gathered the quail and ate meat for dinner!
I served them a bowl of manna (Chex cereal dusted with white cake mix) and Marah water (cold water with lemon juice).  This was a great idea I got from Kids of Integrity.

They tasted their water and agreed it wasn’t sweet.  I gave them each a packet of Splenda Naturals.  

They emptied the packet into their cup, stirred it, and tasted sweet water!

Memory Verse:

Parker listened to the “Letter F” verse from his Sing the Word CD, traced his Bible Memory verse using our A-F Bible Verse Tracer Pack.


Later in the week, we cut his tracer page apart and created a puzzle to put together in his Bible notebook.


This week we read about several missionaries.  We watched coordinating videos from our Sonlight Core A playlist.

Boniface & the Evergreen

I layed out a Christmas tree craft and my kids assumed I was just sneaking in an early Christmas activity.  They had no idea it was part of their history lesson.

They put their trees together while reading the story of Boniface chopping down Thor’s tree and using a little fir tree as an illustration of God’s love.They LOVED this story and their trees looked beautiful!
This is still my favorite missionary story from I Heard the Good News.

Language Arts:

Parker continued his letter of the week activities.

He listened to the letter “A” songs I added to our Core A playlist and practiced building and writing in his HWOT workbook.

This week we created a “A is for Admiral Ackbar” character to add to his ABC Notebook.

He had a hard time figuring out who it was….”it’s a trap” Parks….LOL!

Apple Estimation Jars

I decided to make our estimation and number vocabulary jars apple themed since Jordan was studying How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.img_5458.jpgFirst, we took out ten apple erasers, talked about estimation, and made a guess as to how many erasers were in our jar.

He collected estimations from the whole family and Jordan won!

Next, he sorted our apple jar and continued to sort it several times throughout the week.He worked on several concrete problems as instructed in our Language and Thinking book.

img_5444He even tallied his results on the board!

Short & Long Vowels

We talked about short and long vowels during our morning walk.

I grabbed my apple short & long vowel cards, printed some apples on green and red paper, and wrote both long and short vowel words.  He sorted through the pile really well!

I created this Apple Vowel Sorting Activity printable to include label cards for sorting, long and short vowel word cards, and two apple picking vowel worksheets.  You can purchase your copy here (there’s a FREEbie in the preview).


Parker also worked on a short vowel apple worksheet I made for him.


We brought out our Apple Initial Sound Match Up, from A Dab of Glue, and Parker sorted the pictures by their starting sound.


Oceans & Evaporation:

This week we read about the oceans around the world.  We talked about what makes our sea water salty.  This paired perfectly with our FIAR salt water science unit.

img_5425We read From Sea to Salt and headed to the kitchen.

The boys added salt to some hot water.
They gave it a stir and poured some into their pie plate.
Now we’ll just wait to see what happens.

Fall Leaf Rubbings:

We continued our study of plants in our Usborne Science Activities, Volume 2 book.

We went outside and collected several different kinds of leaves.

I presented each child with a tray, white paper, a piece of cardboard, and a cup of colored crayons.

They remembered doing this activity last fall.  It’s such an easy and fun science craft.  They turned out beautiful!


This week we worked on manners and etiquette.  Since we were rowing How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, I made some apple sugar cookies and planned a quick review on setting the table.

I For each child, I printed a table setting placemat, set out a cup of milk, a plastic knife, fork, and spoon and a napkin.

They grabbed their items and set the table.  While eating, we read The Berenstain Bears Please and Thank You book as well as Richard Scarry’s Polite Puppy.

Later on, Parker and I acted out various “plays” about polite and rude behavior using our farm sensory bin.

That’s it for week 6, but we’re looking forward to week 7!

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