Sonlight Core A (Week 12)


Memory Verse:

Parker listened to the “Letter K” verse from his Sing the Word CD, traced his Bible Memory verse using our G-M Bible Verse Printable Pack.


We read about David Livingston, missionary to Africa.

Afterwards we worked on locating and labeling our continents with our continent lapbook (printables from homeschoolden).


We didn’t have a new letter of the week, but we continued our vowel worksheets and phonics activities.

Fall Antonyms:

I brought out our fall antonym cards and Parker matched the pairs.

Pumpkin Alphabet Match:

I hid our pumpkin alphabet puzzles in our fall sensory bin.

Parker dug through the bin, found all the parts, and pieced them together.


Calendar Work:

We changed our calendar and recited our 40 Days Hath September poem.

The boys numbered their calendars and colored the featured picture.

Last, the boys added their Thanksgiving holiday sticker to their calendar.


Pumpkin Experiment:

We read From Seed to Pumpkin,  reviewed the pumpkin lifecycle, and learned how plants drink nutrients from the soil to grow.

The book suggested a science experiment to show how plants drink water from the soil, so I set out our supplies.

The boys helped add food coloring to our jar of water.

We put our celery stick in the jar and patiently waited.

We checked it later to find the leaves were splotchy from “drinking” the orange water.

Here’s a closer look at the leaves.

We also cut a few slices to see the tubes that take the water up to the leaves.  Of course both boys wanted to taste a piece!

Pumpkin Craftivity Continued:

Last week we learned about the lifecycle of a pumpkin.  This week we learned about the anatomy of a pumpkin.

We read I Pick Fall Pumpkins on our Epic book app.  This book was perfect for describing the parts of the pumpkins.

I brought out the pumpkins they created last week.  They painted the inside with leftover spice paint and squeezed glitter glue on top.

Next, they added string and seeds to represent the brains of the cavity.

Last, they added labels to each part.

Pumpkin Exploration:

I laid out a sugar pumpkin, a pencil, a measuring tape, and a copy of the Pumpkin Investigation worksheet (by Julie Lee) for each child.

First, they sketched their pumpkin and circled the size.

Then they measured the length in cubes and inches (we added this field).Then the measured the circumference (added this), weighed their pumpkin, counted the ribs, and estimated the number of seeds.

Last, they guessed whether or not their pumpkins would float and dropped them  in the kitchen sink to test their assumptions.

Bird Match:

I set out out our Bird Match Cards (from The Helpful Garden), a set of matching bird labels, and A Nest Full of Eggs.

Parker and I read the book together and worked on our matching cards.


Paper Chains:

I cut strips of fall colored construction paper and gave them to Parker.

He sorted the pile by color.  I grabbed the glue stick and made two links to start our chain.

We did the next couple links together.

He continued making paper links on his own.

He was so proud of himself when he finished!  Bravo Parks!

Week 11 is finished, but we’re looking forward to week 13!

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