Sonlight Core A (Week 15)


Memory Verse:

Parker listened to the “Letter O” verse from his Sing the Word CD and traced his Bible Memory verse using our N-T Bible Verse Printable Pack.

Later in the week, we cut his tracer page apart and glued it in his Bible notebook.


Another Joseph:

We started our week with another great missionary story from Japan.

Parker located Japan on our world map placemat.

Victorian Times:

We read about Victorian homes, life in the cities, and how families would play games in their parlor.  Jordan watched some BBC Victorian life videos I added to our Core A playlist.

We even played some charades, a game that was fun then AND now!


Letter of the Week:

Parker continued his letter of the week activities.  This week we reviewed the “letter D”.  I added some “letter D” songs to our Core A playlist.


Parker built his letter and completed his HWOT workbook pages.

We also used our Correct Formation Alphabet cards to build the “letter D”.

We also added a “D is for Darth Vader” page to his ABC notebook…he LOVED this entry!

Calendar Work:

The boys caught up on their December calendar work this week.


I created a Christmas edition of our rhyming cards, cut them apart, and let Parker sort them.


Later, I inserted them into our educational cubes for another game of roll-a-rhyme…

We played quite a few times…Parkie won and Mommy lost ☹️

Simon Says -Prepositions:

This week we continued our Simon Says listening game from our Language and Thinking lesson book.

I told Parker where to place the stuffed animals. He listened and followed single and multiple step directions.

Alphabet Beginning Sounds:

I created a Christmas Alphabet pack to review our letter of the week starting sounds.<<
aid out the uppercase Christmas trees and he matched them with both the lowercase penguin cards and the starting sound picture present cards.

Antonym & Synonym Sort:

I brought out a Christmas antonym & synonym sorting activity by Anna Moreno.

Parker read each card and sorted them on the correct mat.


In addition to our Horizon K lessons, we added more “sums of ten” activities.I laid out our Christmas Penguin equation cards and Parker match them with the answer cards.Parker also worked on his Sums of Ten worksheet and color-coded the even and odd missing numbers (addends).


Dolphin Jumps:

This week we learned about dolphins.  They are SUPER smart animals that can jump up to ten feet!

We got out our measuring tapes and extended them to the 10 ft. Mark.

also read how they flip out of the water.  This inspired Parker…he ran….<<
mped, twisted, and….

plashed in the water” (landed on the carpet) like this amazing acrobatic mammal!

The Deep Sea:

After reading about the creatures in the deep, we brought out our Safari Ltd. Deep Sea CreaturesSafari Deep Creatures Toob and our Crazy Aaron’s 11 Pack Putty Mini Tin Assortment.Crazy Aaron’s Glow-in-the-Dark Thinking Putty.

First, Parker pressed his deep sea creature into the putty.

shined the light on them for about 10-15 seconds.<<
rker removed the creature and it left a GLOWING impression! SUPER cool!


Setting the Table:

This week we read through Richard Scarry’s Richard Scarry’s Please and Thank You Book (Pictureback(R))Please and Thank You book.  You can NEVER have too many lessons on manners.  After finishing our book, we reviewed how to set the table.

First, I asked the boys if they remembered how to set the table.  They’ve had plenty of practice with our Melissa & Doug Set the Table Color-A-Mat by Melissa & DougMelissa and Doug Set the Table placemats.  They did a really great job from memory!

ter reviewing a few mistakes, we traced and cut out our plate, cup, napkin, and cutlery patterns from Christmas scrapbook paper.

They glued the cut-outs in the correct place on their paper placemats.Last, they decorated their placemats with adorable Cavallini Decorative Stickers Christmas Holiday, Assortedvintage Christmas stickers.  They turned out adorable!

This week is a wrap, but we’re looking forward to more fun in week 16!<<

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