A Pair of Red Clogs

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We focused on being honest during our special Bible times and chose to memorize Proverbs 12:22 for this row.  I created a Bible printable pack that you can purchase at our TPT store.

We’ve also included a tracer as a FREEbie in the Preview.


Click here to download your FREE copy.

Parker completed the tracer page and Jordan did the copywork page.  Later in the week, they added them to their FIAR lapbooks.


One morning we started our day with a fresh batch of Hootenanies and another great Christian Character lesson on honesty.

We read I%20Didn’t Do It!: A book about telling the truth (Our Emotions and Behavior)""I Didn’t Do It! and Max and the Big Fat Lie: A Book About Telling the Truth (Building Christian Character)""Max and the Big Fat Lie.  Both stories were great illustrations of the importance of telling the truth.  Afterwards, I brought out a tray with water, bowls, pepper, and liquid soap for an object lesson.


The boys took turns pouring water into their bowls (a great skill building activity).  We talked about the importance of having clean hearts like the clean water.

We then discussed how lying dirties our hearts with sin and that sin blocks our communication with the Lord.  We “dirtied our hearts” by sprinkling pepper in our clean water bowls.


The pepper was floating all over the surface of the water, dirtying the bowl.  We talked about how this represents our hearts when we sin.

Next, I put a drop of liquid detergent and the flakes spread to the edges and sank.  We talked about how God washes away our sins the minute we confess them.  This was a fun and great character lesson for the kids.

Aaron’s Blossoming Rod:

Our Sonlight Core A Bible and FIAR units merged for a Bible craftivity.  We read how God made Aaron’s rod blossom to show the Israelites that he chose him as priest.  That blossoming rod became a cherry blossom rod.

First the kids framed their light blue construction paper with 12 “twigs” to represent the 12 tribes of Israel.

img_5843Next, they glued Aaron’s “cherry blossom” rod in the center.

Then they glued four-petal shaped green flowers to the rod, crinkled light pink tissue paper squares, and glued them on top.



We read Let’s%20Explore Japan (Bumba Books – Let’s Explore Countries)""Let’s Explore Japan on our Epic app.  This was a great book with just enough information for both boys to stay focused and interested.

I also created a Japan continent box with our continent file folder, animals of Asia cards and figures, and other great items that I found on Pinterest.

Jordan created a title page for this book and it turned out beautiful!


Since Japan is an island, we started one morning with an island theme.

I made “island pancakes” with blue frosting on the edges (water) and sprinkled brown sugar in the center (land).  We read Islands (First Step Nonfiction: Landforms)""Islands, with just enough information and pictures to capture both boys’ attention.

The boys added some Japanese inserts into their lapbooks.

We read some other great books about Japan and the Japanese culture.

Jordan added our story disk to the world map.

I added a few more items to our Japan continent box and Learning Lane.  I opened our National%20Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas""National Geographic Children’s Atlas to the Asia page and brought out a few Samurai Stickers (Dover Stickers)""Dover Japanese sticker books, a continent matching activity (Imagine Our Life), A Flag of Japan Lego activity (Homeschool Creations), and our Montessori continent puzzle.

Using the Japan flag card (Homeschool Creations) as reference, the took turns building the Japanese flag with their Legos.


Along with our Sonlight Core A (Parker) and Core C (Jordan) Language Arts program, we added a few “Red Clog” inspired activities along the way.

FIAR Vocabulary:

I printed out our FIAR Fold & Learn vocabulary words (I received the list of files after subscribing).


Jordan and I reviewed the list of vocabulary words together.  I cut them apart to make a matching puzzle.  He glued them together matching the picture and description in his FIAR lapbook.

Spelling – Diving Syllables:

Each week Jordan has a list of 9-10 spelling words with a spelling rule.  This week was about dividing syllables.  I created a fun “Pair of RED Clogs” spelling worksheet for him to practice writing his words.


First, we reviewed his spelling words together by color coding the first syllable in red and the second syllable in yellow.

img_5699-1Afterwards, I handed him his worksheet and he used his color-coded spelling list to figure out and write the remaining syllable.

Story Retention – Weather-Telling Game:

I created a set of Weather-Telling Game Cards and a Weather-Telling Game Worksheet to work on their story retention.

You can download both FREEbies at our TPT store.

First, the boys worked on matching the weather prediction with the correct clog position.

Later, the boys completed the worksheet by cutting and pasting the matching weather prediction with the correct clog position.  This activity could be brought out several times during this unit.


Along with our Horizon Math program, we added some of the FIAR math activities suggested in the IG.


I found a great set of Japanese number character printables on Pinterest.  We used the cards MANY times during this row.

I set up a couple of Kanji counting and matching activities in our Learning Lane.


I had Parker work on putting the Kanji cards in order.


Parker worked on matching the Kanji characters on our Learning Lane.

Both boys used fall counters to practice counting and skip counting with the kanji cards.


One day I wrote a kanji color code on the white board (not pictured) and Jordan had to dot paint his koi to match.

The boys continued to work on matching the kanji characters with the correct number.  Jordan added a special kanji page to his lapbook.

Kimono Counting:

img_5759-1I transformed our kimono coloring activity (homeschoolshare’s Japan lapbook) into a color by number (kanji) activity.

Both boys worked on their color by kanji kimono.  I set out the cards for reference, but they knew them pretty well from all the other math activities we did.

While on our kimono theme, we read Suki’s%20Kimono""Suki’s Kimono on our Epic app and the boys colored their kimono craft.

Japanese Market Math:

img_5934-1I created a Japanese market math worksheet for the boys to work on.  I put some colored fish, produce, and a few other things in a basket.  I drew the items on their worksheets with assigned prices.  Under each bag, I listed items that they needed to plug in prices and add up totals.

img_5933-1Parker worked on adding up single-digit items for each customer’s grocery bag.

img_5935-1Jordan worked on adding up totals for multiple double-digit items for each customer’s grocery bag.

Thematic Math Drills:

Part of our Horizon math lessons include flash cards and math drills that can get a tad boring.  I decided to spice up our math drills with a little Japanese flair.

Climb the Pagoda:

One day I made Jordan a “climb the pagoda” (math ladder) worksheet that he had to add/subtract his way up each level.  Afterwards, we color coded the even/odd numbers.

Math Clogs:

Throughout this row, I drew pairs of clogs and used them to add/subtract, multiply, and color code.


Parker added his clogs and color-coded the even and odd numbers.


Jordan colored his clogs to match the clogs in the market.  Then he skip counted by twos, filled in the multiplication equation, and totaled the clogs at the bottom.



Since we were rowing this book in the Fall, we decided to focus on this season during our science unit.

We read Seasons%20of the Year (Patterns in Nature)""Seasons of the Year, Seasons""Seasons, and Fall%20Is for Friends""Fall is for Friends.

img_5927-1Afterwards, we brought out our Circle of the Year Montessori Cards (I Believe in Montessori) and the boys helped put the circle together.  We reviewed the months of Autumn.

img_5928-1We also looked at beautiful Autumn picture cards from The Helpful Garden.



We read What Is a Forecast? on our Epic app.

We also read Sky%20Sweeper""Sky Sweeper and Sora%20and the Cloud""Sora and the Cloud.

The boys worked on our Weather-Telling Game cards.


Warm Palette:


We talked about warm colors that make up the warm palette and read Bella’s%20Fall Coat""Bella’s Fall Coat which was beautifully illustrated with all the warm colors of Autumn.

I brought out our tempura paints in fall colors and squirted the three warm fall colors (red, orange, and yellow).

The kids painted their fall fossils which turned out adorable.

Koi Pond – Mixed Media Art Project:

I knew that I wanted the kids do a koi art project, but I couldn’t decide what to do until we read One%20Leaf Rides the Wind""One Leaf Rides the Wind.  This book was our inspiration.

I opened the page to the beautiful koi pond with falling Autumn leaves and gave the kids paper and pencils to sketch their own koi pond.

Haley sketched the koi pond while Jordan sketched a closer view of the koi.

After sketching their pictures, they used chalk pastels to outline and highlight various parts of their pictures.

They used their Crayola Washable Watercolor Paint, 16 Colors (Pack of 3)""Crayola watercolors to paint their pictures.

They chose different color palettes, but they both painted their pictures beautifully.

Afterwards, we turned that week’s creative writing into a Haiku poem inspired by their pictures.  They did a wonderful job!

Autumn Tea Party:

This week the boys worked on a water pouring activity using our Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Tea Set (17 pcs) – Play Food Accessories""Melissa and Doug Tea Set.

The boys took turns pouring the water from tea pot to cup to glass to cup to tea pot.  They REALLY enjoyed this activity.

Later in the week we were ready for a real tea party.  I made little Autumn shaped cookies (apples, leaves, and pumpkins) and brewed some tea.


We read The%20Fantastic Gifts of Fall (Seasons Series)""The Fantastic Gifts of Fall, sipped our tea, and nibbled at our cookies!

Sushi Cookies:


I saw so many cute dessert sushi ideas on Pinterest so I presented cookie sushi and tea for the kiddos while we read our weekly I Heard Good News Today: Stories for Children""I Heard the Good News Today story about a Japanese boy (LOVE when FIAR and Sonlight merge into a fun moment)!

The kids used their chopsticks to eat their sushi cookies and I read about young Sano, the paperboy.

Sushi & Smores:

Daddy knew we were studying about Japan, so he ordered a delicious sushi meal for the family at the end of our week!  The kids were SUPER excited to use their chopsticks and enjoy a taste of Japan!

They had Miso soup, salad, Teriyaki, Gyoza, and several delicious sushi rolls.

Afterwards, we watched a movie and enjoyed some delicious homemade s’mores using our indoor Nostalgia SMM200 Electric S’mores Maker""Electric S’mores Maker (a present from their grandma).

This was one SWEET row…looking forward to The%20Clown of God""The Clown of God!


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