Sonlight Core A (Week 20)


Bible Memory Verse:

Parker listened to his Sing the Word “Letter T” verse and traced his worksheet from our N-T Bible Verse Tracer Pages.

The next day we cut his tracer apart like a puzzle.  He pieced it together and glued it in his Bible Lapbook.


This week we read more missionary stories and Gladys Aylward was in two!  The kids LOVED hearing her story again and asked for more when we were done.


I found the Torchlighter animated story of her life and added it into our Core A playlist.


Letter of the Week Activities:

Parker worked on his “Letter N” activities using his HWOT wood pieces, chalkboard, and workbook.

I think he was happy to see a new letter of the week.

We even added Nien Nunb to his ABC lapbook, but we couldn’t find many stickers starting with the letter ‘N’…oh well, he was happy to see Nien Nunb!

Ice Fishing for Antonyms:

I created a Polar Bear Ice Fishing – Fishing for Antonyms pack for the boys to work on this week.

I printed fish cards, paper clipped them, and scattered them in our bin with white and silver pom-poms.  I put a magnet on a string and tied it to a wooden dowel.

The kids were SUPER excited to see a new sensory bin int he classroom.  Everyone wanted to participate in the ice fishing activity.

With each fish they caught, they dotted the matching synonym on their worksheet.

Letter Match:

Since our ice fishing was such a hit earlier in the week, I decided to add uppercase letter fishy cards to the bin.

Parker went ice fishing for letters and matched them perfectly!

I created a new ABC Polar Bear Ice Fishing Fun pack for Parker to use in the coming weeks.


I set out a starting and ending sounds Arctic animals activity in our Learning Lane.

Parker sounded out each animal and picked the beginning and ending letter sound to go with it.

This wasn’t an easy activity, but he used his skills of deduction to figure out which letter went with the right animal.



We continued to work on measuring the perimeter of things.  I chose our little Eric Carle book and brought out our winter blend of glass gems.

He really does well with various math activities and nothing beats fun repetition.

Coin Recognition:

Jordan knows his coins really well, but I figured he would like a coin matching activity too!  I brought out our coin cards (Imagine Our Life) and let him match up the front, back, dollar, and cent values.

He did a great job matching the cards.  Next, we brought out some containers filled with mystery values.  He had to count up the various coins and write the value on a piece of paper, both in cents and dollars.

Once again, he did a great job counting mixed coins and it was a fun way to mix up another math skill!


The Human Body:

For the next few weeks, the boys are learning about the human body.  I’ve added quite a few clips about the functions of the body to our Core A Playlist.

Intestines – All Coiled Up:

We learned that the small intestines are 30 feet long.  We tried to measure this out, but we quickly realized our measuring tape wasn’t nearly long enough!

Finding our Pulse:

We took turns finding our pulse and feeling the beat!

Lungs & Breathing:

We took our pulse sitting then the boys got up and started running in place, which they LOVED (a little action break never hurt anyone)!

We took our pulse after running in place and compared it with our sitting down pulse rate.  We found our heart rate was quicker after exercise.

Air Capacity:

Do you ever wonder how much air you have in your lungs?  The boys are about to find out – kitchen science time!

We filled a bowl 2/3 full of water and filled our bottle to the top.  As instructed, we unscrewed the cap, put our finger over the top, and lowered it into the bowl.  Next, we inserted our bendy straw into the opening.

The boys took turns blowing into the bottle.

After each time, we marked the level of the water to compare.  This experiment was a HUGE hit and was repeated twice by each boy!


This week Parker was learning how to properly clean a sink.

He did a great job and LOVED it!

All of these skill builder activities are just priceless!  Since he learned how to wash the dishes, he’s offered to help so many times.

That’s it for week 20, but we’re looking forward to week 21!

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