Sonlight Core E – Northern Lights (Week 21)

This week Haley learned about Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights).

I added a National Geographic time-lapse clip to her Sonlight Core E playlist.

Northern Lights Art Project:

The boys were learning about the Arctic, so a Northern Lights art project was just perfect for everyone.

I gave each kid a Sharpie and a sheet of watercolor paper. They drew a silhouette landscape at the bottom of the page.

Afterwards, we watched a watercolor tutorial and the kids got to work.

They painted the top with water and applied black paint first.

Next, they applied splashes of color to fill in the sky.

Once they painted the entire picture, they added more layers of color.

They had so much fun with this project.

They turned out beautiful! This was a fun and colorful art project!

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