Sonlight Core A (Week 25)


Parker listened to his Sing the Word “letter w” song and worked on his tracer page.

I cut Parker’s verse apart like a puzzle and he glued it in his Bible lapbook.


We continued learning about clothes around the world.

The boys located and marked all the countries mentioned.

I found an adorable “It’s a Small World” paper doll set that ALL the kids loved….we seem to be on a paper doll kick lately 😉


Since we were learning about farms in history, we continued reading about food from farms and farmer’s markets.

I brought out our “Where Things Come From” (Farm) cards and our pocket chart.

The boys took turns putting the cards in order.

Jobs Around the World:

Since we were reading about jobs around the world, I set out a tub of figures with matching occupational items (i.e. Policeman & traffic signal, Zoo Keeper & lion, etc.).

The boys took turns working on the matching activity.


Parker was learning about the “letter v” this week.He worked on his HWOT (Handwriting With Out Tears) activities.We even added a “V is for Ventress” character to his ABC lapbook.

Synonyms & Antonyms:

I created a Sunny Days Synonyms & Antonyms grammar pack for the boys to work on.

The boys took turns sorting through the antonym and synonym cards.

Letter Recognition:

I created a Seasons Booklet for the boys to work on.

They colored the pictures, traced the seasons, and wrote the months of the year in the word boxes provided.

This was a great review for both boys and turned out so pretty.

Phonics – Starting Sounds:

I brought out our magnetic letters and Parker’s Seasons Booklet to work on starting sounds.


We started with the pictures on the front of the booklet.  We reviewed each picture, he sounded it out, and selected the letter that made the starting sound.

He matched the starting sounds for every picture in his Season Booklet.  He did a great job!

Little House:

We read about Pa and Ma preparing food for the winter. Ma cooked down her pumpkins and we meandered into the kitchen to do the same.

Parker had two sugar pumpkins leftover from fall, but he didn’t want to cook both. He cuddled one while I cut the other up and slow roasted it in the oven.

They took turns mixing and pouring ingredients.

This was a great way to talk about fractions and measure ingredients.


This week we read about density and headed to the kitchen for a sink or float experiment.I gave each boy a copy of our Sink or Float Experiment worksheet and asked them to pick four things they wanted to test and write their predictions.Next we tested each item and the boys recorded the actual result.


100th Day of School:

This week we celebrated our 100th day of school!I gave everyone a 100 Days Brighter hat printout (Mrs Kinderhearted) and they colored them during our Bible and history reading.I cut out the hats, added a construction paper strip to the back, and gave them 100 smiley face rainbow stickers! I handed them a snack cup with 100 snack items to sort out on their 100th Day Snack Mat.  They LOVED this!They had such a fun time sorting their snacks and gobbling them up!  They’ve worked so hard and I’m so proud of them.

Until next week…

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