Sonlight Core A (Week 26)


Parker listened to his Sing the Word letter X verse song.

Then he worked on his Letter X tracer page.

I cut his tracer apart like a puzzle and he pasted it into his Bible lapbook.


Letter of the Week:

Parker was learning about the “letter V” this week.

Parker worked on his HWOT letter activities.

We looked through his My First Picture Dictionary and thought of other letters that start with “V”.


Rainbow Alphabet Bin:

I created an ABC Rainy Day Fun pack for Parker to work on this week.

I layered our lentil bin with puffy white “clouds” (pom-poms) and laid out all the letters we’ve learned so far.

I sketched pictures on a sheet of white paper.

Parker picked a Rainbow card and dot-painted the picture with the same starting sound.


Jordan started reading Owl at Home this week and he LOVES it!

We poured tea while he read “Tear Water Tea”…this was SO much fun!


We’ve been reading poetry during Parker’s Language Arts lessons.

After reading “Bo Peep”, Parker went on a sheep tail hunt.

Sunny Day Rhymes:

I created some construction paper clouds and suns and wrote rhyming words on them.


Parker read the sun and cloud words and matched up the rhyming words.  He did a great job!


We did a bunch of fun weather themed activities since we are currently rowing Storm in the Night with Jordan.

Rainy Day Addition Doubles:

I created a Rainy Day themed math pack for Parker to practice his addition doubles facts.

He matched each rain cloud equation to the rainbow answer.

Windy Day Math:

I brought out some numbered kites from our preschool days.

Jordan worked on his multiplication facts, saying them out loud with each bead he added.

Parker worked on skip counting by the number on each kite.  Counting by twos with each bead he added.



We took our science outside to read about light and shadows.

The boys brought out their shadow puppets we made while rowing Storm in the Night with Jordan.


We read how water droplets act like a prism separating white light into a spectrum of colors.I sprayed a light mist and we were able to see a beautiful rainbow.

Skittles Rainbow Experiment:

We gathered around the table for a fun rainbow experiment with skittles. The kids help line the plate with skittles.We added hot water and saw a beautiful rainbow appear as the candy coating disintegrated and flowed to the center.

Eating a Rainbow:

Since we were reading about rainbows, we took an opportunity to learn about eating the rainbow.

We read What’s For Lunch? And talked about how different fruits and vegetables give us different vitamins and minerals.

I tried to make sure Parker “saw” a rainbow of colors on his lunch plate.

He sketched ALL the fruits and veggies he ate during breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Walking Water Rainbow:

We did the colored marker experiment while rowing Papa Piccolo, so I decided to do a walking water rainbow experiment instead.


We filled 6 baby food jars with water and added primary color food coloring to three jars.


We put the jars in a circular formation with a water glass in-between.  Then we put strips of paper towels for the walk to “walk” on.


We checked on it after a few hours and saw the walking “walking” up the strips.

The following day you could see all the colors of the rainbow.  It was REALLY beautiful!


Since we were reading about sound in our science book, we explored the sense of hearing.

Parts of the Ear:

I brought out our Parts of the Ear nomenclature cards and the boys color-coded each part of the ear as we went through them.

Sound Experiment:

I gave each child a copy of a “What Do You Hear?” egg sound experiment worksheet I found online.  Next I filled Easter eggs with the mystery ingredients and stuck A-L stickers on each.

The kids took turns shaking the eggs and writing down their guesses.  This was REALLY fun!

That’s all for now….until Week 27!

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