Book Pairing – A Tree is Nice

September 2015 – This is a post from the past, but great books and fun activities are timeless!

A Tree is Nice:

The kids receivedA Tree is Nice from their Aunt, so I thought it would be a great book to pair with a science lesson on trees.

We started our morning with a sweet breakfast of monkey bread bites (a nod to our tree swinging friends).

I read A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry while the kids gobbled up their breakfast.

I passed out a copy of our Tree Worksheet (click here to download your FREE copy).  The kids colored their trees from root to crown as we talked about the various parts of the tree.

Next, I gave each child a ball of green, brown, and tan playdough.

They covered their trees with playdough and used the labels to mark the various parts of the tree.

This was a great hands-on science activity to follow-up a wonderful picture book!

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