Frog Life Cycle

May 2014 – Another post from the past.

Frog Tea Party:

I brought out our Usborne First Reading Frogs book.

I brought out our Frog Life Cycle snacks, mini marshmallows with chocolate chips stuffed in the center (eggs), gummy worms (tadpoles), goldfish crackers (froglets), and gummy frogs (adult frogs).

I set the table with our Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Tea Set (17 pcs) – Play Food AccessoriesMelissa and Doug Tea Party set and Frog Life Cycle Cards (Pinay Homeschooler).

We ate our way through the life cycle of our amphibian friend. We started munching on eggs…

Then sampled some tadpoles…

We nibbled on froglets too!

We poured some tea, sipped a cup or two, and gobbled our gummy frogs!

They sampled their little hearts out! This was a tea party they would NEVER forget!

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