Sonlight Core E – Amish Bread (Week 29)

Haley was reading Plain Girl and learning about the Amish community.

Baking Amish bread would be a great activity to pair book.

Haley gathered her ingredients and measuring utensils.

She followed the recipe, measuring each ingredient.

We leaned a little on modern technology to help mix our dough.

She floured and kneaded the dough.

Then covered it and set it aside to rest.

Once it doubled, Haley punched it down.

We divided, rolled, and pinched the ends as we placed it in two greased bread pans.

She waited for it to double.

Once it doubled, we placed it in the oven to cook.

It cooked golden and delicious.

We sliced and buttered it and served it with our hot soup! It was delicious! Great job Haley!

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