Sonlight Core A (Week 31)


Wild Places:

I created a Wild Places Habitat book to go alongside our read-aloud of Usborne’s Wild Places.

We read about various parts and features of mountains.

The boys completed the parts of the mountain page.

We read how farmers in the Philippines carve large steps out of the side of the mountain to plant their crops.

We brought out our playdough and Carved steps out of our gooey green mountain 🙂

The boys colored the various mountain animals as we read about them through the week.

At the end of the week we reviewed the parts of the mountain using our felt mountain activity.


Building Words:

I created an ABC Spring Birdie Fun pack since we were learning about birds in Jordan’s FIAR unit.

I printed the uppercase letters and spread them out on the table.

Parker did a great job spelling and thinking of creative words!

The Cat in the Hat Rhymes:

I created a The Cat in the Hat Rhyme pack for Parker to work on. You can download the first set for FREE by clicking the Preview button here.

First, Parker matched the hat words with the rhyming clock words.

Later in the day, he read the hat word cards, found a matching rhyme on the worksheet, and used his dot paint to color it.


Days of the Week:

I made a Mother Bird’s Days of the Week pack for the boys to work on this week.

First we read Today is Monday by Eric Carle and I put the matching activity in our Learning Lane.

Jordan worked on it the following morning and remembered everything we read! The boys were still going through the list the following week! SO cool!

The boys practiced writing the days of the week in order. This is always a great review!

Then they used Mother Robin’s nest of eggs to count and calculate the number of days in one, two, three, and finally four weeks!

Skip counting by seven is tricky, but this activity made it a just a bit more fun!


This week we were learning about Japan in Jordan’s FIAR unit, so folding origami was perfect!I brought out our Origami for beginners. It brings back sweet memories, because I bought it when Haley was in Kindergarten.While Parker was napping, Haley, Jordan, and I watched an Art for Kid’s Hub tutorial that showed us how to fold paper cranes.

It was pretty tricky the first time, so we paused several times.

Parker and I read Yoko’s Paper Cranes which was SO cute we read it again with Jordan the next day!

Parker and I folded his paper crane together. It was MUCH easier the second time!He LOVED his blue paper crane SO much!

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