Sonlight Core A (Week 33)



img_1074Parker finished illustrating his Trees booklet (Living Worlds Apart).  This week he practiced reciting it from memory.


Wild Places:

This week our journey takes us into the jungle.  We were MORE than prepared with our Wild Kratts Cocoa Ape-O’s and Rainforest Rope!

That morning the kids ate a bowl of Cocoa Ape-O’s before reading all about the jungle.

Layers of the Rain Forest:

This week we started reading about jungles. We read about the layers of the rain forest.

I created a felt layers of the rain forest.

We added the layers of the rain forest together and the boys added the plants, animals, and fungi at each level.


Afterwards they played with the creatures and we left it in our Learning Lane for further explorative play.

Products From the Rain Forest:

I collected some items that were mentioned in Wild Places.  Many of the items are made from or originated from the rain forests around the world.

We brought out various items while reading through the text.

Afterwards the boys enjoyed a rainforest sampling of chocolate and mixed nuts!


Letter of the Week:

Parker was learning all about the letter X this week.

He worked on his HWOT letter activities.

This week we added an X-Wing pilot to his ABC lapbook.

Synonyms & Antonyms:

I created a Bee My Honey Synonyms and Antonyms grammar pack for Parker to work on.

You can purchase your pack here or download the FREEbie worksheet in the Preview!

I gave Parker the stack of cards and the sorting mat.  He worked through the deck and we reviewed the results together.

Pink Ink:

We couldn’t finish One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish without enjoying a glass of pink ink (milk tinted with pink food coloring) and some sweet treats from our friends (thanks Pags)!

Parker LOVED his pink ink (and so did big brother and sister too).


Solar System:

I printed out a Solar System booklet (The Helpful Garden) for the boys.

The boys colored the moon, sun, Mercury, and Venus while we read our science lessons.


Creation Day:

Earth Day landed on a Sunday this year, but we celebrated it the following day while reading about creation for Jordan’s FIAR Madeline unit.

I made Earth bagels and we read about God’s great creation throughout the day!

The kids gobbled up their breakfast while I read The 7 Days of Creation and Madeline aloud.


The kids colored their bookmarks and listened to more read-aloud stories.

Recycling Activity:

I set up a few activities the night before.  I found a recycling activity from the dollar store, taped the bins to the doors, and set out stickers (to recycle) on the classroom table.

We read Bob and Larry’s Creation Vacation and Biscuits Earth Day Celebration .

The kids sorted through their stack of stickers, recycling them in the correct bins.  This was a quick and fun Earth Day activity!

The Days of Creation:


I set up an “unscramble the days of creation” activity on the board.

After reading about the days of creation, Jordan worked on unscrambling the board and did a great job!

We read God the Creator Thought of It First! from our Happy Day Family Treasury book.

Afterwards, the boys added a days of creation insert into their Madeline lapbooks.

Creation Bingo:


I brought out our Creation Bingo set from Christian Preschool Printables.

We played several rounds of Bingo!  This was a great activity to reinforce what God creation on each day.

That’s it for week 33, but we’re looking forward to another fun week of learning!



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