Sonlight Core B (Week 4)


Bible Verse Tracer:

I created a Psalm 1 Tracer Pack for Parker to use.

You can download you FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker listened and traced his Bible verse.

I cut apart his tracer like a puzzle and he glued it together in his Bible lapbook.


This week we were learning about Muslims.

I found a recipe for Middle Eastern eggs, Yemeni Fatut.

Haley and Jordan liked them, but Parker said they were too sweet.


Hieroglyphic Cookies:

I brought out some gingerbread dough I made, formed it into three tablets, and set it out with toothpicks, a skewer, and a popsicle stick.

The kids carved hieroglyphs into their gingerbread tablets.

There’s nothing tastier than ancient gingerbread tablets!


We continued our study of ancient Egypt and the process of mummification.

We opened Mummies on our Epic app. We re-read the mummification process, to refresh our memories.  We were now ready to be embalmers.

Step 1:

Remove all organs (except the heart and liver) and place in canopic jars.

The embalmers removed all organs and transferred them to their canopic jars (colored tupperware).

Step 2:

Cover the entire body with oil.

They carefully administered the oil to their corpses.

Step 3:

Cover the entire body with spices.

They sprinkled/dusted the corpse with burial spices (McCormick Allspice).

Step 4:

Cake the body with natron, a special kind of salt that absorbs moisture.

They covered the bodies with natron (Morton Table Salt).

Step 5:

Wrap the body in linen bandages.

They carefully wrapped the body with bandages (shredded pillowcase).

What a fun way to bring ancient mummification to life….pun intended!  Great job boys!

Building Pyramids:

I brought out our Magna Tiles and challenged the kids to built their own pyramid.  Of course Haley joined in on the action….who could resist?

Everyone enjoyed the challenge.  They built both small and large pyramids.

Parker even built a pyramid when he was playing Minecraft.  SO cool that he was thinking about his studies during FREE time!


Sight Word Match:

I printed out some sight words ( and glued them on construction paper.  I set them out for Parker.

He matched the cards in a classic game of memory.

I Can Read It!:

I created a Fun on the Farm I & II Roll, Read, and Cover Worksheets for this week’s word list.

You can download them for FREE here at our TPT Store.

Parker did the first worksheet on Monday.

He finished the second worksheet on Tuesday.  The roll, read, and cover worksheets help liven up language arts.


I created a Mix it up Bushel worksheet.

Build-a-Word Activity - Mix It Up Bushel
Mix It Up Bushel Worksheet

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

I challenged him to think of some of the consonant blends we’ve been reading “th” or “sh” or even “ck”.  He did a really great job!

We reviewed “qu” words with a quick worksheet I drew for Parker.


Months of the Year:

I printed the Months of the Year worksheet from our House for Hermit Pack.  We reviewed our months of the year and how many days are in each month.

We read about the months of the year in our Language and Thinking book. Parker sorted the months of the year and glued them to his worksheet.  There’s a FREEbie worksheet in the Preview!


Food Chains:

Parker was learning about food chains and Jordan was learning about Prairies.  I decided to combine the two into another science CRAFTivity.

Prairie Food Chain CRAFTivity
Prairie Food Chain CRAFTivity

I created a Prairie Food Chain CRAFTivity you can download for FREE here at our TPT Store!

We read Prairie Food Chains On our Epic app.

The kids colored their animals, we cut them out, and glued pieces of cardboard (cereal box) to the back of each animal.

Lastly, we hot-glued the animals in order on a thick ribbon.


They turned out adorable!

Magnets Attract:

I gathered our supplies and we were ready to start experimenting.

First, Parker tested the push and pull forces.

Then, we did our hover experiment. It was pretty cool.

Last, we had a race. Who do you think won?

This week was packed with the usual busy work, but we managed to add a few fun activities along the way!  Hmm….I wonder what next week will have in store.

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