Sonlight Core F – Calligraphy & Chinese Art (Week 3)

This week Haley’s social studies lessons dived deeper into Chinese culture and traditions. I added a few calligraphy clips to our Sonlight Core F playlist as well as a Chinese art challenge.

She LOVED watching this traditional style of hand painting the characters.

She was SUPER excited to hear that a China kit was included in her Core F package.  We brought out the kit and she read all about the calligraphy set.

She grinded the black ink stone in water to create the ink for painting her characters.

She REALLY enjoyed this activity! I love that Sonlight added this kit to the Core F package.  It brought life to her lessons this week!

Art Challenge:

I challenged Haley to create her own Chinese-inspired art project incorporating traditional Chinese characters.

First, she sketched her drawing with a thin-tipped Sharpie pen.  Of course, there was a Chinese dragon…LOVE how this girl LOVES dragons (note the Toothless eyes on her shirt)!

Next, she brought out her watercolors, mixed her palette, and started to paint her dragon.

She looked up the characters for “dragon” and added it to her painting.


She did such an awesome job with this art challenge!  I loved it and she LOVED ending her week with this assignment!

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