Read and Do with Yung Fu

Haley’s Sonlight Core F history lessons are centered around the Eastern Hemisphere this year.  She was SUPER excited to hear she would be learning about China again.  We started the year with Yung Fu of the Upper Yangtze.

Naturally, Haley’s work load increases with each grade, but we still try to plan a few fun activities here and there.  This helps bring whatever we’re learning to life.  Here’s a few of the activities we did while reading Yung Fu of the Upper Yangtze.

Foot Binding:

Though outlawed in 1911, foot binding was a traditional custom practiced in China.  Fu Be’s foot was only four inches long.  I added a Little Foot clip about foot binding to Haley’s Sonlight Core F Playlist.

She watched the clip and used the foot template to measure and record her foot length against Fu Be’s foot length.  Big difference!

Making an Abacus:

I thought making an abacus would be fun since it was mentioned in the book.  I found a cute tutorial and added it to our Sonlight Core F playlist.


Haley watched the tutorial and gathered all the materials.  We trimmed the skewers to size.

She decided to use hot glue instead of the traditional white glue suggested and it worked well.

I love all the colors she chose.  It turned out beautifully.

She was pleasantly surprised at the end result.  She counted and moved the beads making sure it was pretty AND functional!


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