Sonlight Core B (Week 6)


Bible Verse Tracer:

I created a Psalm 1 Tracer Pack for Parker to use.

You can download you FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The first day he traced his worksheet while listening to his verse.

The second day he illustrated the path of the righteous.

Leading Little Ones:

God is Mighty:

After reading about little David and our mighty God, Bub was inspired to watch the “God is bigger than the boogie man song”.

Topical Studies:

Kindness Counts:

Though not a spiritual read and totally unrelated to our Sonlight studies, we took a morning to read  How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids.

ANY little reminder to think of others makes a difference.  This book was a great visual aid to be mindful and considerate of others.  Little acts of kindness make a HUGE difference!

Language Arts:

Nouns – Common & Proper:

I created a new Falling for Grammar pack that focuses on common and proper nouns.

Falling for Grammar - Common & Proper Nouns
Falling For Grammar – Common & Proper Nouns Pack

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.

The boys took turns sorting the nouns.

Afterwards, Jordan worked on a more advanced color by code (proper and common nouns) worksheet.


Parker worked on the more simplistic version of the worksheet.

I Can Read Word List:

I created an Apple Picking Roll, Read, and Cover worksheet to practice his I Can Read words for lesson 6.

Apple Picking Time - I Can Read It! Roll, Read, and Cover (Lesson 6)
I Can Read – Roll, Read, & Cover Lesson #6

You can download it for FREE here at our TPT Store.

I broke up the lesson into two separate worksheets.  He did a great job reading through the word list.

Farm Rhymes:

I created a Farm Rhymes worksheet using Jordan’s Sonlight spelling words.

Farm Animal Rhymes
Farm Rhymes Worksheet

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys matched the farm animals to their matching rhyming barn and wrote their own rhyming word.

Homer Price:

We started reading Homer Price which was a HUGE hit!  Charlotte’s Web is a hard act to follow, but everyone loves Homer Price!

I served donuts at breakfast in honor of the “donut” chapter.

Charlotte’s Web Movie Night:

We were SO sad to say goodbye to Charlotte’s Web.  Of course I sobbed through the last couple of chapters….it brought back memories reading it with Haley and Jordan.  I try to savor these moments, they pass FAR too quickly!

We watched the 1973 animated Charlotte’s Web and had a cookie intermission.  No one LOVES the ending, but it was still worth watching.  Ahh, the memories…..


With the zoo field trip fresh in our memory, we continued to enjoy reading about the animals of South America.

The boys walked on their knuckles like anteaters.

Nutrition – Produce:

We continued our Language and Thinking lessons on nutrition.  We talked about produce, fruits and vegetables.

Parker and I read Seasons on a Farm and Food from Farms.

Later, we went outside and checked to see what vegetables and fruits were ready to pick from our garden.  What a wonderful week of learning!

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