Sonlight Core B (Week 23)


Memory Verse:

I created a Joshua 1:9 Bible Verse Tracer for Parker to work on this week.

Memory Verse Tracer Page (Joshua 1:9)

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The first day he traced his Bible verse while listening to the Sing the Word track.

The next day he illustrated his Bible verse.

Afterwards, we cut apart his puzzle and he glued it into his lapbook like a puzzle.


Around the World with Kate & Mack:

We continued lapbooking around the world with Kate and Mack.  This week we were learning about the Pouye heart language in Papua New Guinea.

The boys added a few more sketches to their lapbook.

Since they already added the Papua New Guinea flag, we just added a few more things specific to the people we were learning about.


I Can Read It!

This week we were learning about words ending in words ending with -e, -i, -o, and -y.  I created a Valentine’s Day Worksheet for Parker to work on.

Valentines Day - I Can Read It! Roll, Read, and Cover (Lesson 23)
Valentine’s Day I Can Read It! Lesson #23 Worksheet

You can download it for FREE here at our TPT Store.

Parker used his dot paints to complete his worksheet.

He read and colored the second worksheet the following day.

Antonyms & Synonyms:

This week Parker was learning about synonyms.  I created a Sending All My Love Synonyms & Antonyms pack.

Sending All My Love - Synonym and Antonym Pack
Sending All My Love Synonyms & Antonyms Pack

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.  There’s a bonus FREEbie in the preview!

I brought out some dollar bin mail boxes and had him sort the words in the “antonym mailbox” and “synonym mailbox”.

He did a great job sorting through the stack of cards.

The next day he used his dot paints to color code the worksheets.

Little Pear:

Making Words:

This week Parker continued to build his words with our Pairs in Pears letter tiles.  I thought it would be fun since we’re reading Little Pear :).

I set out the letter tiles and had him record the words he formed in his notebook.

Of course he added “little” and “pear”….I remember doing that as a kid too!  He did a great job!

Peach Cake:

I try to include some activities around Parker’s Sonlight read-alouds when we have time.  This week we were reading through Little Pear which brought back many GREAT memories.

I made a peach snack cake for us to munch during our read-aloud time.

Parker’s my little sweet tooth.  I love baking treats for this little guy!


First of all, I MUST say that I have wanted to make Tanghulars ever since I read Delightful Learning’s Little Pear post four years ago!

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t make them sooner.  Sometimes I think WAY too much.  I worry about how much work it MIGHT be or how it MAY delay our day.  I never regret acting on a magical moment, but I usually kick myself for the thing left “undone”.  Of course there is a balance, because too much is just TOO MUCH.  This is where we have to walk “in the Spirit” and allow God to lead us.  Spontaneity and planning both have their proper place.


Well, today was the day I crossed Tanghulars off my bucket list!  So what if I’ve never made candy before.  No excuses, no worries….not today.  This was a no turning back moment!

I measured my water and sugar, poured them in my pot, and watched them boil for eight minutes.  Did it turn out as expected?  Nope, but it was fun!

The syrup was glossy and sweet, but it wasn’t going to harden as expected.  I was okay with that, because honestly Jordan just got his expander and a hard candy coating could damage it.

I dipped our fruit skewers in the syrup and set them aside to harden.  Oh boy!  They looked SO pretty.  I was SUPER excited.  Did I mention how long I’ve wanted to do this?

Now for the real test.  The kids REALLY enjoyed the grape and strawberry Tanghulars, but no one liked the cranberry ones.  This was a SUPER sweet way to end our week!

Rhyme CRAFTivity:

Parker was learning about rhyming words this week.  I decided to create a fun Valentine’s Day craft to tie into his Language Arts lesson.


We read The Day It Rained Hearts and I brought out our art trays, watercolors, and some blank white paper.

Jordan was learning about painting a “partial sky” for his FIAR art lesson.  I decided to use their partial sky paintings as the background for our craft.

The boys painted their beautiful blue partial skies leaving white spaces for the sun and clouds.  We set them aside to dry.

I made small construction paper hearts with their spelling words on them.  I wrote rhyming words on their partial sky backgrounds.  We added glue dots and the boys matched their hearts with the rhyming words.

They looked SO adorable!  I made little Paddington bears with yellow raincoats and they glued them to their page.


This week I added more Valentine’s Day themed books to our reader shelf.

Parker read A Very Scary Valentine’s Day: Scooby-Doo Reader, Dumpy’s Valentine (My First I Can Read), Clifford’s Valentines (Scholastic Reader, Level 1), and Scholastic Reader Level 1: Noodles: No Kisses, Please!.


I created a Bear & Hearts Doubles Plus One Math pack for Parker to work on.

Bear & Heart Math Facts - Doubles Plus One
Bear & Hearts Doubles Plus ONE Math Pack

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.  There’s a bonus FREEbie in the Preview!

Parker matched each equation to the teddy bear answer card.

He’s been working on his math facts in between his Singapore math lessons and he’s really memorized many of them.

Afterwards, he completed the Bear & Hearts Doubles Plus One math facts worksheet.



We continued learning about the human body.  This week we read about our teeth.

I brought out our teeth model and some clean toothbrushes.  We identified the various teeth mentioned in our science book.

The boys took turns brushing the teeth.  Afterwards, I brought out a Parts of the tooth CRAFTivity.

The boys glued the gums, root, and tooth to their paper.

Next, we added tissue paper threads to represent the nerves and blood vessels.  We set them aside to dry.

I found our Parts of the Tooth flip chart from Jordan’s preschool lesson.  I brought it out and created similar white labels with empty boxes and construction paper letter tiles.

The boys used the chart as reference and spelled out the various parts of the tooth using the letter tiles.

They both did a great job with this science craft.  It was SO festive too!  Valentine’s is another big candy day, so why not emphasize good dental habits this week too!

I loved all the Valentine’s Day colors.  We hung them up with their other art projects.


Jordan was learning about healthy foods in his FIAR science lesson and Parker was learning about digestion.  This was a perfect pair!

First, the boys sorted through our food group cards.

I made a healthy snack with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and some hummus in the center.

I printed the Digestion insert from Scholastic’s Human Body Book.  The boys used their dot paints to color it and we set it aside to dry.

I helped them cut it and glue it into place in their science lapbooks.

We used the model to read about the digestion process by lifting the various tabs.

This was a really cool activity to compliment our healthy foods and digestive system lesson.

The boys colored their esophagus, rolled it into a tube, and “fed” it conversation hearts to see how the muscles squeeze food down during digestion.


We also learned about the importance of drinking and replenishing water in our bodies.

We used our mirror to breath on and see the water droplets.  We saw that every time we breath, we lose some water.  Hopefully this lesson reinforced the fact that they need to continue to drink plenty of water every day!

Taking in Water:

I created a simple worksheet to help the boys record the results to this week’s science experiment, taking in water.

Taking in Water Science Worksheet
Taking in Water Worksheet

You can download it for FREE here at our TPT Store!

I gathered our supplies and prepared a tray for the boys.

The boys looked for holes on the surface of each material.

They tested each material to see if it kept out water or soaked it in.

They recorded their results on the worksheet I created for them.

We read how plants drink water through their roots.  We put celery stalks in both red and purple water.

After a few days, we checked our celery stalks to find a DRAMATIC change in color.

That’s all for now.  See you next week!

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