Sonlight Level C (Week 6)


Memory Verse:

We printed the next verse (Matthew 6:12) from our Bible Memory pack.

You can download your FREE copy here!

The boys trace the verss on Monday.On Tuesday, the boys illustrate their verse.

On Wednesday, I cut it apart and the boys glue it in their notebooks. On Thursday, they recite it by heart.

Mud Dessert:

What does mud dessert have to do with the Bible? I’m SO glad you asked. Our mud dessert is in honor of the mud Jesus made and put on the blind man’s eyes.

Who doesn’t like to play in the squishy mud? Boy this dessert has chocolate pudding, crumbed Reeses, salty pretzel pieces and chocolate cake! I can say with all honesty, it had to taste better than the mud pies I made as a kid!

The kids LOVED it!


Viking Runes:

I printed some Rune puzzles from The Last Viking.

The boys worked on their puzzles after reading our Viking history.

Viking Longhouse:

I thought it would be fun to make Viking longhouses out of graham crackers, pretzel sticks, tinted coconut, and peanut butter.

I set out trays with supplies for the boys to use.

Jordan got right to work, but the peanut butter was hard to work with. In hindsight, I should have made royal icing.

Everyone had fun working on this activity. Even Haley wanted to join in the fun, but we ran out of graham crackers. ☹️

Parks broke his crackers and needed some help. We knew a longhouse would be too hard to piece together, so we thought maybe a storehouse/shed?

Bub’s original design collapsed, but we managed to construct another shed. We used the pretzels like logs on the sides and sprinkled green-tinted coconut for the sod roof.

They were fun to make and smelled SO yummy!

The boys just couldn’t resist taking a nibble.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created another Apple Farm Grammar Grab Bag for this week.

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.


Our spelling words this week were open syllable.

On Monday, he used his spelling cards, along with red and blue pens, to practice writing his words on the spelling worksheet (included in this week’s Grammar Grab Bag – GGB).

On Tuesday, he brought out his spelling cards to complete his spelling sentence worksheet (in GGB).


I printed our Apple Syllable word cards (in GGB).

Parker read each word, sliced the apple at the syllable break, and we reviewed any mistakes together.

Long & Short Vowels:

I set out our Barn Animal Short & Long Vowel sorting activity (in GGB).

We reviewed that the long vowel says its name. Afterwards, Parker read each card and sorted them by long or short vowel.


I printed our Scarecrow’s Plural Picks worksheet set (in GGB).

Parker read each word and selected the correct plural ending.

The following day we did another plural worksheet review (in GGB).

Beginner’s Bible:


On Saturday, I made many small pancakes to use as manna.

After the kids ate their eggs and toast, I passed out our manna and they gobbled them up.

Rahab’s Red Ribbon:

I thought I would “tie” in a practical life skill activity with the story of Rahab.

I poked two holes into cardboard, wove our red ribbon through, and roughly sketched a window.

After reading the story, Parker worked on tying a bow. Since Parker wears velcro sneakers, I thought he could benefit from this activity!

Sticks Across the Chimney:

This was our final week reading Sticks Across the Chimney. What a warm, heart-felt story.

Parker “unearthed” the Viking mound I created in our sensory story box. It was there all along, but he discovered it around the time as Bedstefar! What wonderful memories we’ve made!


Calendar Work:

Honestly, we were a bit behind in our calendar work, because I forgot all about it. I think it’s important to keep the kids aware of the calendar.

I printed a copy of our calendar book. You can purchase it here at our TPT store.

The boys caught up on both August and September.

They read about each month, marked the days of the month, and answered the questions.



We continued our study of the human body with our choppers, grinders, and fangs, oh my!

I brought out our teeth model and two toothbrushes for the boys to use. We reviewed the types of teeth, what they do, and how to properly brush them.

Afterwards, the boys had fun brushing Mr. Chatter-box 😁

Taste Buds:

We also read about taste buds this week. I brought out our felt mouth and tongue I made for our Lentil unit.

We talked about the flavors we taste and where those taste buds are located on our tongue.

Bub decided to make a cup of bitter-brew for the this activity!

Parker helped place each item where we would taste it most. Bub updated me, referencing his National Geographic magazine, that we can actually taste anywhere on our tongues.

Hmmm….the more you know! Can I just celebrate the fact that my son is reading non-school material on his own free time? Hallelujah, THAT is miraculous and worthy of a Happy Dance!

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