Sonlight Level C (Week 13)


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible Verse tracing pack for Psalm 24:1-6 and printed this week’s tracer.

Memory Verse Tracer Page (Psalm 24:1-6)
Bible Verse Tracer Pack

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

On Monday, the boys traced their verses.

On Tuesday, we cut apart his verse and added it to his Bible notebook.


Medieval Times:

Jordan finished our Melissa and Doug 3D Castle.  He did a great job assembling it.  I hope to bring it out with our next unit on castles.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created a Fall is in the Air Grammar Grab Bag for this week’s language arts activities.

Fall is in the Air 2nd Grade Grammar Grab Bag #13
Fall is in the Air Grammar Grab Bag #13

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


Normally, I print out the entire pack before our week begins.  I put everything in a color-coded set of folders (Monday is red, Tuesday is yellow, Wednesday is green, and Thursday is Blue).

We took Monday off for Veteran’s Day, so we had to double up the rest of the week.  This week, we practiced writing our spelling words, with our spelling cards (in GGB), on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we brought out our spelling cards and used them to complete our spelling sentences.

Word Families:

I set out the word family trees (in GGB) on a little learning lane and cut apart the leaf word cards and presented them in a dish.

Parker sorted through the cards, placing them on the correct word family tree.

Verb Tenses:

We also worked on past, present, and future verb tenses.

Parker color-coded the verb tenses and rewrote each verb in the appropriate tense.


Fall Fact Trees:

This week, Parker was working on his multiplication by TWOs.  I created Fall Fact Trees that he had to complete in his math notebook.

He wrote down the math facts for each multiple of two (e.g. 2, 4, 8 = 2×4=8, 4×2=8).

Harvest Time - Multiplication by TWOs (Little Math Facts Pack)
Harvest Time Multiplication by TWOs Math Fact Pack

I created a Harvest Time Multiplication by TWOs math pack for Parker.  You can purchase your copy here at our TPT store.  There’s a bonus FREEbie in the preview!


Veteran’s Day:


We started our morning with home-made waffle sticks, fruit, and sausage.

After breakfast, we read Veteran’s Day and I handed everyone a coloring sheet.

The kids colored their worksheets so we could add them to their FIAR notebooks.

I set out an invitation to create Red Poppy Art in the playroom.

We read Katie Meets the Impressionists while they used play-doh, buttons, pom-poms, and more to create their own red poppy art.

Everyone had a different idea of how their project would look.

I loved this art activity, because it was simple and beautiful!

Everyone’s artwork turned out so colorful and creative!  Happy Veteran’s Day!

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