Sonlight Level C (Week 18)


Memory Verse:

I created a Memory Verse Tracer Pack for Proverbs 16:3.

Memory Verse Tracer Page (Proverbs 16:3)
Proverbs 16:3 Bible Verse Tracer

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT store.

On Monday, Parker traced his verse and listened to the Sing the Word track.

He illustrated the verse while listening to the track on Tuesday.


On Wednesday, he cut and pasted his verse in his Bible notebook while listening to the track.  By Thursday, he was able to recite his verse from memory.


The Isthmus of Panama:

Since we were learning about early explorers, I brought out our globe, Isthmus nomenclature cards (The Helpful Garden), and landmark foam pieces to compliment our history lesson.

The boys took turns using the globe to find all the places we were reading about in history.  We concentrated on the Isthmus of Panama.

They used the foam pieces to build an isthmus. I then brought out our landmark picture cards so they could see what an isthmus really looks like.

Afterwards, they used their pencil and crayons to color their own isthmus landmark card to add to their notebooks.

Continents and Oceans:

Since we were talking about the Americas, I took the opportunity to review continents with Parker.

I brought out our Continent File Folder game (The Homeschool Den) and a book about continents.

We read The Seven Continents and I brought out our Continent File Folder game (Homeschool Den).

We reviewed the continents by singing our continent song.  Afterwards, Parker matched the labels to the continents.

We also reviewed world oceans by singing our world ocean song and the boys took turns using the ocean file folder game.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created a Winter Fun Grammar Grab Bag # 18 (GGB) for this week’s language arts activities.

Winter Fun 2nd Grade Grammar Grab Bag #18
Winter Fun Grammar Grab Bag #18

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


This week I set out an “Ice Fishing” bin for spelling.

I filled a bin with cotton balls and with our spelling fish cards (in GGB) inside. I slipped paperclips on each card to use with our Learning Resources magnetic fishing rod.

I instructed Parker to fish for a word and write it on his spelling worksheet (in GGB).

This was a really fun way to practice our spelling words.

On Tuesday, Parker used his spelling cards to complete his spelling sentences (in GGB).

Consonant Blends:

This week we were working on the thr, shr, and scr consonant blends.  I created a Polar Bear Ice Fishing Pack to accompany Parker’s phonics lessons.

Polar Bear Ice Fishing for Consonant Blends (thr-, shr-, and scr) - Phonics Pack
Polar Bear Ice Fishing for Consonant Blends

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.

Word Building:

I set out the letter tiles along with the blank “Make-a-Word Mat”.  I said a word (e.g. “scrub” and had him sound out the beginning consonant blend.

Later, he used the half-sheet mats to build the words on the fish cards.  This was his spelling word practice for the day.

Sorting by Consonant Blend:

I set out the Winter Fun Consonant Blend Sorting Mat along with the coordinating word cards (in GGB).

Parker sorted through the stack, reading and sorting the cards accordingly.

Afterwards, he cut and pasted the word labels on his Categorizing Words By Consonant Blend worksheet (in GGB).


We reviewed nouns, verbs, and adjectives then discussed adverbs.  We talked about how adverbs are words that describe verbs or adjectives.

After the lesson, Parker completed his worksheet (in GGB).



Since we were reading about owls in our science lessons, I brought out an old owl craft.

Parker put it together adding the eyes, beak, and wings while I read his book aloud.


It was a pretty simple activity, but he enjoyed doing it while I read aloud.  It turned out really cute too!


Christmas Around the World:

We wrapped up our Christmas Around the World unit traveling the high seas like Magellan and Marco Polo.  We had two destinations left, Puerto Rico and England.

Puerto Rico:

We read about Christmas in Puerto Rico from Kate & Mack’s 12 Days of Christmas unit.

Since singing Christmas carols are an important Christmas tradition in Puerto Rico, Bub brought out his new guitar and did his best to play as we sang Feliz Navidad.


We finished by reading Twas Nochebuena together while sitting on the couch.  It was a simple and sweet Spanish story.


We final arrived at our final destination, England.


I set out an English-inspired breakfast of English muffins, fruit, and a Christmas cracker!

Everyone enjoyed this festive finally.  I read Christmas in England while the kids worked on their Christmas in the U.K. – Christmas Cracker craft (Tweet Resources).

Everyone enjoyed creating their own Christmas Cracker!  What a sweet and festive way to end our fun journey around the world!  Until next year….



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