Sonlight Level D (Week 22):



Pirate Story:

Jordan continued tracing his Pirate Story poem.

Windy Nights:

Parker continued tracing and illustrating his Windy Nights poem.


The Constitution:

We watched several Schoolhouse Rock videos about the constitution, bills, and the three branches of government.


5th Grade Grammar:

This week, we reviewed “Expository Paragraphs”.

3rd Grade Grammar:

Grammar Grab Bag (GGB):

Originally, I created a Valentine’s Day themed Grammar Grab bag for this week’s language arts activities.

You can still purchase a copy of it here at our TPT Store OR scroll down to celebrate Dr. Seuss with a FREE SEUSStastic version.

SEUSStastic GGB:

I was absolutely horrified to hear that some of Dr. Seuss’ books will no longer be printed. Ouch! I’m saddened by this fact, because his materials helped countless children. In honor of Ted Geisel, I’m offering a SEUSStastic version of this week’s Grammar Grab Bag (GGB).

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.


I brought out our spelling cards, letter tiles, and mat. (In GGB).

On Monday, Parker practiced building a root word and adding a suffix. He also practiced writing his spelling words.

On Tuesday, Parker completed the word search (in GGB).

Word Equations:

I read a spelling card aloud and Parker placed the root word card, spelling change card (if any), and the new word card on the mat.

We did a couple more spelling word equations together.

Afterwards, Parker completed the Seusstastic Word Equation worksheets (in GGB).


I SEUSSified our reading shelf for March.

Doesn’t this colorful display cry, “Read me!”

We read several wonderful books this week. We plan to enjoy many more throughout this month!


Parker is continuing to strengthen his 6, 7, 8, and 9 Multiplication facts. I taped our Spelling mat as a cheap “laminating hack”, of sorts.

First, we reviewed our 1-10 multiplication facts in Parker’s 3rd Grade Singapore math book. We were able to identify the facts that we need to practice more.

I wrote some multiplication problems on the mat and used extra blank letter tiles to write the answers. He matched up the facts correctly. I may just create a Dr. Seuss Multiplication Facts pack if time permits.



Parker continued to work through his TOPs Radish lessons.


Parker and I transformed the milk carton into a greenhouse.

He continued to sketch the growth of his radishes.

Night & Day:

We evaluated our “day” and “night” jars. Parker wrote down his discoveries. We then placed the plants in the greenhouse.

Tending the Greenhouse:

In addition to recording his data, transplanting the seeds from his four environment jar, Parker planted seeds in a new planter on his tray. Radishes are taking over the kitchen!

Just For Fun:

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss:

I set out our little SUESSians and some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books.

I printed some Dr. Seuss printables and made a fun breakfast of green eggs, ham (er bacon), and birthday pancakes.

We read Happy Birthday to You! in honor of Dr. Seuss.

The kids completed their worksheets during our read-aloud time.

Birthday Party:

Grinch Punch:

Bub volunteered to make Grinch punch.

He squeezed lemons and limes, added water, stevia, and a touch of green food coloring. I

I diluted some strawberry jello in water and poured it into the citrus punch. It gave it a cool Grinch-like twist.

Red Fish, Blue Fish Cookies:

We baked sugar cookies, pinching the tops to look like fish bowls.

Haley frosted the cookies blue and added green fronds.

We added Swedish Fish and little blue candies “bubbles of air” to finish our cookies.


Parker and I made the Grinchies, a version of “muddy buddies”.

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