The Red Carpet

A Post From the Past (February 2017):

We planned to row The Red Carpet last year, but we ran out of time. This year we had a date with the rolling red carpet and nothing would stand in our way.

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We created a mix of police, maps, community helpers, vehicles, and career themed printables.

We added some foodie fun along the way, like our toast hotel on Cream of Wheat with a red carpet ribbon of frosting.


Memory Verse:

We decided to memorize Hebrews 13:2 for this row.  I created a Bible verse printable pack.

You can download it for FREE here at our TPT Store.

Parker used the Bible verse puzzle until he was able to recite it from memory.

Going God’s Way:

I created a God’s Traffic Light – Stop, Slow, & Go God’s Way printable.

God's Traffic Light - Stop, Slow, and Go God's Way

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.

The kids made their stoplight craft.

I put their drivers license on a string with red, yellow, and green beads.

Then Parker came into the classroom for a special red carpet activity.

I filled a green bin with some cars, our stop/go sign, and a special mystery bag.

They opened the bag to find a big roll of red ribbon. They took turns rolling it around town. This was such a simple and fun activity!

Edible Rolling Carpet:

We rolled out edible red carpet (strawberry Fruit by the Foot) many times during this row!


Me on the Map:

I set out a Me on the Map CRAFTivity the night before.

First, we read Me on the Map then the kiddos worked on their CRAFTivity.

They glued the green continents on the blue world.

Then the kids colored, cut, and pasted their continents, country, state, town, street, and house.

Afterwards, they labeled each circle.

The kids used stickers to spell out their name after filling in their “On the Map” insert.

We stapled their world to their “On the Map” paper.

Haley spent some time working on her states too!

Types of Communities:

We also read books about city life and where we live.

We read about urban and rural communities.

Parker sorted his community activity while the older kids completed their community lapbook insert.

Community Helpers:

We read about various community helpers and their hats, tools and vehicles.

The kids completed coordinating worksheets from The Mailbox.

We read many fun books about different careers.

I set out some career activities on Learning Lane.

Police Officers:

I set the table for our Police day. I gave everyone a police hat and set out a packet of police themed worksheets.

We read several books about police officers.

The kids put on their police hats and badges to finish their police assignments.

I created a Police Car Math Fact match activity for Haley to do.

Bub worked on his traffic light patterns and lights.

Parker worked on a police syllable activity.

He also did a police matching activity.

Making Finger Prints:

The kids used our ink pad to collect their finger prints, like a police station.

We even used our finger prints to make arrays, practicing our multiplication facts.

Traffic Signs:

I set out our traffic sign match activity for Parker.

Haley also worked on a traffic sign worksheet.

I set out a “Build a Traffic Light” Lego activity on Learning Lane.

The kids had fun building their Lego traffic light.

Stop & Go:

The kids made their our own traffic sign.

I brought out the boys Magic Tracks. They could build their own special road and direct traffic!

Contact Information:

We reviewed our contact information, area code and phone number.

The kids used a play phone to practice phone manners.

Healthy, Active, & Safe:

We read and demonstrated how to wear safety gear and played outside, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Construction Workers:

We started our day with breakfast on our construction place setting.

We read many wonderful books about construction.

We read Let’s Meet a Construction Worker on our Epic app and the kids constructed edible houses!

Post Office:

Jordan’s Sonlight Language Arts lesson required he write a letter.

I brought out our “Sending All My Love” poster as reference.

Parker completed his alphabet mail match.activity (In My World).


Vocabulary Words:

I set out the Red Carpet Vocabulary cards (Homeschool Creations) in our sensory bin.

Parker used his vocabulary nomenclature cards throughout our row.

CVC Words:

Parker worked on matching and building CVC words.

He also worked on various spelling activities.


I set out many different math building activities .

I also added various counting activities.

Map Work:

I gathered various map work printables and put them into a busy work pack.

The kids completed many map activities in their worksheet packs.


We read This Way That Way together.

We completed activities reviewing right, left, and following directions.

We also worked on the compass rose, learning about directions.

Stop Light Math:

I read Red Light, Green Light by Margaret Wise a.

Bub rolled dice to practice his addition math facts. Later, I created a Math by Dice pack.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.

We also read Red Light Green Light by Anastasia Suen and I made a fun traffic light treat.

The kids had fun eating their brownie traffic light.


Parker worked on coin recognition and counting with coins while rowing this book.

Construction Math Facts:

I created a Construction Equations – Addition Doubles and Construction Equations – Subtraction Doubles math packs.

You can purchase either copy at our TPT Store.

The boys used play-dough construction balls to count and smash when subtracting their math facts.

I set out some other fun construction activities too!


Making Pretzels:

We simply HAD to make soft pretzels, because they are SO yummy!

We whipped up our dough. I made traditional pretzels while Parker helped make pretzel bites. Sorry, there are no pictures of the end product, because we DEVOURED them all!!!

The Red Carpet Resources:

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