Sonlight Level E (Week 27)



The boys recited the segment from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

You can download Tracee Orman’s FREEbie herefrom her TPT store.


Japanese Internment Camps:

We read Fish for Jimmy on our Epic app. This is a story about a Japanese American family that was living in an internment camp during WWII. The younger brother wouldn’t eat, so his older brother snuck out of the camp to catch fresh fish for his younger brother to eat.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created a Wonderful Weather themed Grammar Grab Bag (GGB) for this week’s language arts activities.

You can download it here at our TPT Store.


I printed Parker’s spelling cards, letter tiles, spelling mat, and spelling worksheets.

First, Parker read this week’s spelling rule.

He thought of a word using this week’s rule and built it on his spelling mat.

Afterwards, he used his spelling cards to practice writing his spelling words.

On Tuesday, Parker used his spelling cards to complete his spelling sentences.


I taped the raincloud words on the sliding glass door and hid the rainbow antonyms around the room.

First, we reviewed antonyms. Then, Parker matched the rainbow antonyms with the raincloud words.

Afterwards, Parker used his the dot paints to complete his Cloudy with a Chance of Antonyms worksheet (in GGB).

Series, Adjectives, & Adverbs:

We reviewed the use of commas in a series and the use of adjectives and adverbs.

Afterwards, Parker completed his Rainy Days worksheet.

Grammar Ace:

I set out the elements for our “Commas” page layout.

First, Parker added the title with our alphabet stickers.

Next, he matched the cloud with its “in a nutshell” definition.

Lastly, he added the raindrop reasons for using commas.

It turned out really cute when we finished it.


Math Lapbook:

Parker and I worked on his math lapbook this week.


This was a week of back-to-back celebrations. We celebrated Pi Day on Monday, Jordan’s birthday on Tuesday, and St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday!

Happy Pi Day:

We read Sir Cumference and the First Round Table on our Epic app and reviewed circles with our Measure-Me-Math – Circles printable.

Daddy surprised us with pizza pies for dinner. What a fun way to celebrate this well-rounded holiday!

Happy Birthday, Bub:

We started Bub’s special day with some of his favorites, scrambled eggs, bacon, and “creeper cakes”.

We celebrated all day and ended with the birthday boy’s choice of dinner, Sushi! We all enjoyed fresh fish, just like Jimmy.

St. Patricks Day:

We had a fun day, sprinkled with chocolate coins and a cup of Lucky Charms!

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