Mailing May

This was certainly one of our longest rows. We easily spent five weeks rowing Mailing May. In fact, we finished a few units after we started rowing our next book.


Since we rowed Mailing May in February, we enjoyed a sweet Valentine inspired pancake breakfast!

Cover Art:

The boys created a cover art page in their FIAR notebook.

Story Disk:

We didn’t have the Mailing May story disk, so Jordan created a stamp design on our disk. He placed it on Idaho.


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible verse pack for Mailing May.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store. There’s a FREEbie tracer in the preview.

The boys copied their Bible verse and glued them in their FIAR notebook.

We also used the Bible verse puzzle to practice the verse.


Since we celebrated Valentines Day while rowing Mailing May, we read about love.

We talked about love in action and that love is more than a feeling. Love is patient (putting up with each other’s not-so-lovable traits), love is kind (in words AND tone), and so forth.

On Valentine’s Day, we threw a little party! The kids helped set the table with sweets, fruits, and pink lemonade! We also read an old favorite, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!

Wisdom & Solutions:

We talked about May’s disappointment and trying to solve her problem. We discussed how solving problems requires wisdom and wisdom comes from God. This led us to the story of King Solomon and the baby.

I would usually grab an Arch book, but I didn’t have The Wise King and the Baby. I ordered it, but it wasn’t going to arrive in time.

You don’t see this story in many children’s devotionals, since the subject matter is for a more mature audience. It was in Jordan’s The Action Bible Devotional. It’s such a great example of how Solomon used the wisdom God gave him.



Since Jordan did a California state report while rowing Bird Count, Parker did an Idaho state report for Mailing May.

We brought out some state books so Parker could begin researching Idaho.

I printed the “My State Report” worksheet from our Mailing May Story Review. Parker used the worksheet to complete the information.

Rocky Mountains:

Parker read The Rocky Mountains and I printed out our Mountain Zones CRAFTivity for Parker to assemble.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker and I read How High Up the Mountain? On our Epic app.

Parker added the animals in each zone as we read about them.


Parker also read U.S. National Parks Yellowstone National Parks on our Epic app. He added information about Yellowstone National Park in his state report.

The American Flag:

We celebrated President’s Day while rowing this book. I thought it would be perfect to introduce our beloved American flag.

Parker read Betsy Ross and the Silver Thimble.

Bub and I made made doughnuts over the President’s Day weekend.

We enjoyed a patriotic breakfast (I added “patriotic” berries, but I forgot to snap a picture).

We also read about some of our favorite presidents.

Daniel Boone:

We read all about early explorers in our Sonlight U.S. History program, but who doesn’t love a great picture book about an American legend?

I read David A. Adler’s A Picture Book of Daniel Boone with Parker. Adler’s books are really enjoyable, even for kids who aren’t history buffs.

Life in the Early 1900s:

Our Sonlight Level E history recently covered all of life during the early 1900s. We’ve read from the Landmark History of the American People in our Sonlight U.S. history program this year.

I’ll be honest, this book is full of information, but it’s a rather dry read-aloud.

Department Stores:

We read about how stores changed in the early 1900s. We read about Montgomery Wards and Sears, Roebuck, and Company. It was the birth of mail order shopping.

We also read Our Corner Grocery Store together. It was a cute story about a little girl who helps out at her grandparent’s store.

I gave the boys some catalogues to thumb through and create fictitious orders for. This was very much like life for people who lived in rural North America during the early 1900s.


We also read about the transcontinental railroads from our Landmark book.

In addition, we read about railroads in our Smithsonian American History.

We read The Little Train and Terrific Trains together.

I created a “train parts” vocabulary activity in the boys’ notebooks.

I bought a Dover train sticker book for each of the boys. I had the boys add them as we discussed the various types.

We brought out our wooden trains set and our Magic Tracks. The boys had fun building while I read aloud to them.

Time Zones:

We recently read about how the transcontinental railroad established time zones.

I printed copies of our U.S. Time Zones worksheet from our Story Review

The boys completed the worksheets using a time zone map I found online (time zones map).

Steam Powered:

While searching for the pictures of trestles, we found water tank. We reviewed how trains stop for a refill.

We watched a Thomas the Train clip, added to our Mailing May playlist, explaining how steam engines work.

Tunnels & Trestles:

We discussed trains and trestles and looked at the illustrations in the book.

We talked about how architects use the “x” shape for strength. We brought out the bridges we made while rowing The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge.

I printed copies of our Train Engineering worksheets for the boys to use alongside their playdough and tools.

Postal Service:

First, we read A Trip to the Post Office With Sesame Street.

Collecting Stamps:

I bought a pouch of miscellaneous, used US stamps for the kids to sift through. They had a blast going through them. They set aside some of their favorites.

Letters to Grandma:

Since May was on her way to Grandmothers house, we read a couple of stories about grandmas.

The boys wrote letters to their Teta, or grandma.

We brought out our “Sending all our Love” flip chart to review how to properly address an envelope.


Story Review:

I created a Mailing May Story Review in.

You can purchase your copy here at out TPT Store.


I printed a copy of our Mailing May Vocabulary Words.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys completed their vocabulary worksheets and we added them to their FIAR notebooks.


Parker and I read If you Were Alliteration.

As the book suggested, Parker created an acrostic poem using Alliteration.

He used alphabet stickers and wrote each line using this literary device.


We read about hyperboles in The Know-Nonsense Guide to Grammar book.

Afterwards, we read The Mitten, an exaggerated winter tale. We talked about the animals in the story and whether they were wild or domesticated.

Since we were on the subject of animals in winter, we read A Warm Winter Tale.

Grammar Ace:

We rowed Mailing May for around five weeks, but many of our Grammar Ace lessons were adding to the “Snow Many Paragraphs” page we created while rowing Bird Count.


Parker continued to add to our “Snow Many Paragraphs” notebook page.

Parker matched the snowflake term to its “in a nutshell” definition.

Prefix & Suffix:

I set out the elements for our prefix and suffix page layout.

First, Parker added the title with our alphabet stickers.

Next, he matched the train terms to their “In a Nutshell” definitions.

It turned out really cute when we finished.



We were really late completing this month’s calendar worksheets.

Parker helped me update our calendar and the kids completed their worksheets at the table.

I read the February poem from A Child’s Calendar.

The boys added their dates, holidays, and birthday celebrations.

Post Office Math:

We read Seven Little Postmen together. This book was perfect, because it covered many different types of postal carriers that help deliver the mail.

I printed copies of our Post Office Math worksheets for the boys to work on. The boys checked the current stamp price and figured out how many different ways they could make it.

After writing our letters, we weighed them to see how many postage stamps we would need.

Afterwards, we put them in the mail. Their grandma was so happy to receive an unexpected letter.

Weights & Measures:

We read Me and the Measure of Things together.

I printed our Measure-Me-Math lapbook printable for Parker to complete.

Parker completed the lapbook inserts.

The next few first lessons in his Singapore Dimensions math book reviewed weights and measures. In addition, we updated his math notebook. I love when our curriculums align.

Reading a Clock:

I printed copies of the Train Time worksheets from our Story Review.

Parker completed the One Minute Time Intervals and the Time Phrases worksheets.

Quilts & Shapes:

To get started on our shapes lesson, we played several games of our Shapes Bingo!

Happy Pi Day:

We celebrated Pi Day while rowing Mailing May. I thought it would be the perfect time to review shapes.

We started out reading Sir Cumference and the First Round Table on our Epic app.

We reviewed our Measure-Me-Math “Stack-the-Facts Circles”. Ee talked about measuring the circumference, the radius, and using pi to calculate the area.

Daddy surprised us with “Pizza Pies” at the end of our school day!

Parker also read The Quilt Maker’s Gift, a beautiful story with great character lessons.



First, we read about the digestive system in our Usborne See Inside Your Body book.

Dental Health:

Since Parker had a dental appointment coming up, I decided to review good dental health.

I had him read How Many Teeth? Independently.

Afterwards, we brought out our teeth and toothbrush. We reviewed proper brushing techniques. Sometimes demonstrating on a model can be more effective than showing him on his teeth.


We read Taking Care of Me Healthy Habits with Sesame Street. Healthy Habits is always a great subject for us to review, especially when our old friends from Sesame Street remind us.


Jordan and I read What Happens to a Hamburger? and decided to conduct the experiment at the end of the book.

I set out all the elements for our experiment and presented them with the worksheet from our Story Review.

Jordan followed the directions using his worksheet, wrote his predictions and waited to record the actual results.

Domestic vs. Wild Animals:

I printed our Sorting by Animals worksheet from our Story Review.

Parker pasted them by domestic or wild. There were a few that could be domesticated, but he chose to keep them on the wild side.


We recently studied about the winter season while rowing Bird Count, but we managed to add a little sun celebratory bread in honor of winter solstice.

Parker and I read Sun Bread together then headed to the kitchen to whip up a batch.

I set out all the ingredients ahead of time and Parker scooped and measured them into our mixing bowl.

We formed our sun and set him aside to rest and rise.

Mr. Sun was chubby and ready to bake.

Though we baked him as directed, he came out a little darker than I would have liked. Next time around, I’ll add salt (the recipe lacks salt) and keep a closer loo


Drawing Character:

We also celebrated Dr. Seuss Day while rowing this book.

I printed our “My Many Colored Days – Sketching Emotions” worksheet for the boys to complete.

We read My Many Coloured Days and talked about the way Jim Lamarch illustrated May’s expressions

Afterwards, they sketched various emotions while watching a tutorial on our Mailing May Playlist.

Pinterest Board:

You can find most of the activities, ideas, and printables from this post on our Mailing May Pinterest Board.

Youtube Playlist:

As with our other rows, we created a  Mailing May Playlist with read-alouds, music, science, and other clips.

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