The Boxcar Children (Ch 6)

“A Queer Noise in the Night”


Character Lessons:

We’re enjoying the FIAR Bible and character lessons. Any remaining scripture verses are split amongst the rest of the week. It’s a “seek and find” activity which gives Bub more practice finding various books of the Bible.

Memory Bible:

Jordan memorized Psalm 91:5 while studying this chapter.


Learning to Write in Chapters:

This discussion came up naturally as we were reading aloud Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. We talked about cliffhangers and transitions from one chapter to the next.

Writing & Discussion Question:

We talked about the funny ways we could cut grass and Bub explained how mowers actually work as he drew sketches as he explained the process.


Pioneer Life:

After reading about the pioneer days, Jordan headed into the kitchen to make his own butter.

He poured the heavy whipping cream into an air-tight container and began to shake, rattle, and roll!

He spread some on his fresh loaf of bread. By the look on his face, I think it’s pretty tasty!

I set out The Farm That Feeds Us and assigned the “Milking Cows” section for Jordan to read.

I brought our Julia Rothman Farm Anatomy book so Bub could thumb through the various dairy cows and read more about the milking process, if he wanted.


Motorized Lawn Mowers:

Nutrition – White vs. Whole Wheat Bread:

We read another great, and very appropriate, chapter on food labels. In our Food and Nutrition Book.

We completed our FIAR white and wheat bread comparison worksheet. Afterwards, we looked at the slices and saw the brown hull, as mentioned in the FIAR manual. Of course, he needed to sample a slice of each bread!


Make a Collage:

He read about collages and may decide to start a collage later, but he was still hanging on to his “recycled art” project from the previous chapter.

So this is where he left his project last week. It’s actually one of his work samples that we turned into our PSP Homeschool coordinator.

Here’s the progress he’s made this week! He often uses his free time to craft rather than play video games. I’m not complaining…😉


Sharing Wheels:

We learned about Benny sharing his wheels with Henry. This took us down a side path.

First, Jordan read about the history of wheels in his Usborne Book of Knowledge.

I challenged him to create a cart with wheels like Henry. He could use any building kit or he could build it virtually on Minecraft. He chose the Minecraft medium. He built a beautiful running cart that Benny would have loved!

Sharing Cookies:

The baker shared ten cookies with Henry. We spoke about his generosity and headed to the kitchen to whip up a batch.

First, Jordan read a little cookie history in An Uncommon History of Common Things.

He made the dough by himself and set it in the freezer. Later in the evening, he rolled, shaped, and baked the dough.

Just like Henry, he shared his cookies with his siblings. Such a sweet end to this chapter.

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