Sonlight Level F (Week 7)


Memory Verse:

We continued memorizing the next two verses of our Psalm 91 Bible Verse Printable.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker traced his verses on Monday.

On Tuesday, Parker cut and pasted the verses in his FIAR notebook.



We wrapped up our lessons on South Korea and started studying Japan.

I printed a copy of our map of Japan and asked Parker to mark various locations.

We located Japan on our globe and read how it’s comprised of many islands.

I brought out our landmark cards (The Helpful Garden) and we found examples of the various land and water formations we were reading about.

We also started our new book, Grass Sandals, which paired perfectly with our Japanese studies.



Korean Culture:

As we wrapped up our Korean studies, we read a few fun picture books about Korean culture.

Most of the books centered around Koreans who moved to the U.S. and had to adjust to a new way of life. We learned about Korean culture as well as the difficulties people encounter when they immigrate to a new country.


In honor of Kite Fighters, Parker and I read a few books about kites.

I bought the boys a kite kit so they could make their own. They had fun putting them together and designing them.

As I read aloud, they would color their kites. Our homeschool coordinator explained how keeping hands busy frees their minds to take in more information during read aloud time. I found this to be helpful and true. It has brought life into our reading.

As we started studying Japan, we read a grab-bag, an eclectic mix, of books this week. Grass Sandals is the true story of Basho, a Japanese poet, who left his home and beloved banana tree to travel the countryside of Japan. On his journey, he wrote poems, specifically haiku, about inspirational things he saw in nature.


Skeletal System:

Since we were learning about the bones in our body, I decided to have Parker add the skeletal stickers in his Usborne Human Body sticker book.


Apple Tasting Tree:

We continued adding apples to our Apple Tasting Tree. I still love this activity and so do they. The boys reminded me that we needed to do some apple-themed activities!

2 thoughts on “Sonlight Level F (Week 7)

  1. Hi! I absolutely love your content and creativity. Do you use Sonlight in addition to other curriculum such as FIAR? I’d love to do this with my children. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tiffany! I’m so happy to hear that you love our blog. I do use a mixture of Sonlight and FIAR.

      More specifically, I used strictly Sonlight for Haley (K-8th grade). I used FIAR for Jordan (1st-5th grade) and this year we’re using Beyond FIAR (7th grade). I tried to school both boys with a mixture of Sonlight and FIAR, but FIAR worked far better for Jordan. I used Sonlight for Parker (K-4th grade). He would often join Jordan on FIAR activities, but his main curriculum was always Sonlight. This year we’re using a mixture of FIAR and Sonlight.

      Honestly, we love Sonlight’s literature choices, their language arts program, and their history programs for levels A-C. Levels D and E were a little dry, so I decided to rely more on FIAR this year, we’re using more FIAR Bible and social studies. Well, that’s the long and not-so-short of it!

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