The Boxcar Children (Ch 7)

A Big Meal from Little Onions”


Bible Verse:

This week, I assigned Judges 3:28a for Jordan to memorize. He chose to dress up as Ehud, a warrior and judge, for our Church Harvest Festival. I thought it would be fitting to read his story and memorize a verse about him.

Character Lessons:

We’re enjoying the FIAR Bible and character lessons. Any remaining scripture verses are split amongst the rest of the week. All the scripture verses help Bub become more familiar with the various books of the Bible.


Being a Good Worker:

In addition to reading about being a good worker, I incorporated our compare and contrast language arts assignment with this topic.

Jordan made a list of attributes of a good worker and a list of attributes of a bad worker. Afterwards, we added the list to his notebook.


Literary Enrichment:

Stone Soup:

I planned this lesson to include reading Stone Soup and making beef stew.

Jordan came down with a bad bug, so we had to postpone the stew until he’s feeling better. He enjoyed cozying up on the couch and reading the book though.

Beef Stew

Once he recovered from his cold, he was happy to venture into the kitchen and create our dinner for the night.

He peeled the potatoes and carrots and chopped the vegetables. He then heated our dutch oven to begin cooking our stew meat.

He sautéed the meat until it was brown then added the seasonings and water. I kept watch over the pot while he resumed his studies.

He added the chopped vegetables and stirred them with the simmering meat. Once again, I kept watch over his stew pot while he wrapped up the rest of his work.

It was warm, delicious and perfect on a cold autumn evening, especially as everyone was recovering from their sickness.


Classification & Organization:

I created a Living Things & The Kingdoms worksheet to cover this lesson.

Bub completed the worksheets and we added them to his notebook.

Creating a Garden:

Spring & Fall Garden:

I set out The Farm That Feeds Us, garden planning worksheets, and a Burpee catalog.

Jordan read about planting cool and warm weather crops crops, natural pest control and pollinators.

Afterwards, Jordan listed out the plants he would like to plant over winter and in spring.


Dramatic Interpretation of Inanimate Objects:

I decided to weave this into Jordan’s creative writing assignment.

I instructed Bub to create an outlandish and over-exaggerated article in the local newspaper.

For feeling so awful, he was able to add personification, humor, and a whole lot of imagination. We muddled through the week, sickness and all.

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