Sonlight Level F (Week 8)


Memory Verse:

We continued memorizing the next two verses of our Psalm 91 Bible Verse Printable.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker traced his verses on Monday. On Tuesday, Parker cut and pasted the verses in his FIAR notebook.



We continued our study on Japan. I bought All About Japan to compliment our social studies lessons.

We located several places on our map of Japan.


As we read about the Samurai, Parker added the sticker in his History of the World book.


I created a kanji art project for Parker to complete. We used his ink stone and brushes.

Parker looked through Grass Sandals to find each Kanji character, he painted it in the square, and wrote the translation below. Lastly, he painted the kanji characters for fire and waterIt looked so pretty when he finished.


I created a landforms page in Parker‘s notebook.

He created the landform pictures. They looked great.


This week we read about Japan’s wildlife. Parker added the stickers on the map of Japan in his Sticker Picture Atlas of the World book.



We read a few autumn-themed books as well as some books about Japanese culture.


Muscular System:

Since we were learning about the muscles in our body, I decided to have Parker add those stickers in his Usborne Human Body sticker book.


Pumpkin Patch:

This week, we went to the pumpkin patch with some of our homeschooling friends from church. It was such a beautiful day and everyone had a great time.

We ended our week reading Pumpkin Soup and making our own pot of pumpkin soup!

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