Betsy Ross (Ch 2)



Character Lessons:

Jordan continued reading through the FIAR Bible and character lessons. We split up any remaining scripture verses over the rest of the week. I try to give him a “daily Bible bite” to accompany his assigned scripture verses.

Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized Luke 22:19 while rowing this chapter.


Sourdough and the Pioneers:

I left Welcome to Kirsten’s World 1854 with Bub do that he could peruse through the pages. It gave him a glimpse of what life was like for pioneer children during that time.


Corncob Doll:

If we rowed this book in the fall, we could have used the corn Jordan grew. Although, I’m pretty sure a corncob doll isn’t high on his list of DIY activities.

But he was able to look through the pages of Welcome to Kirsten’s World 1854 and see the toys that were made and games they played.

Sourdough Bread Baking:

First, we read about the history of sourdough in the Uncommon History of Common Things book.

I assigned Bread Lab as part of his science this week.

Baking Sourdough:

I brought out “Stan”, our sourdough starter. Haley made this when she was studying Bound for Oregon.

I fed Stan a couple of times before Jordan used the starter for his bread.

I set out Stan, the sourdough recipe, our scale, and a bowl.

Bub weighed, measured and mixed our sourdough.

After a series of folds and rests, we marked our loaf and baked it.

This bread is so delicious! it crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. We ate it alongside our delicious pumpkin soup.

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