Sonlight Level F (Week 17)


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible verse printable for Ephesians 6:13-17.

You can download your FREEbie here at our TPT Store.

Since Monday was a holiday, Parker traced the seventeenth verse on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, he glued it into his notebook. He practiced it until he could recite it by heart.

Full Armor of God:

This week, we continued our study of the armor of God.

We wrapped up the belt of truth and began the breastplate if righteousness.

Parker continued mapping out the facts as I read about the pieces of armor.



I created a Country Study printable for each country we’ve studied, including India.

You can purchase the growing bundle here at our TPT Store. If you purchase it now, you’ll get a cheaper price than waiting until it’s complete.

As we learned about India, Parker marked key locations on his map.

As I read about India, Parker worked on his India country report.


Creative Writing:

I hijacked another creative writing assignment. This week, I wanted Parker to continue with his cause and effect comic strip.

Story Elements:

I wanted Parker to turn his comic into a story depicting cause and effect, rather than a scientific essay.

First, I wanted to review story elements. Since we’re studying Hanna’s Cold Winter, I thought we would use that as our example.

I brought out our Elements of a Good Story worksheet from our Hanna’s Cold Winter Story Review. I wrote the story elements in white pencil ahead of time. As we reviewed the parts of the story, Parker frosted the cake to reveal each element.

I did this on a larger scale with Jordan when we studied The Duchess Bakes a Cake. It was a really fun way to review story elements.

Afterwards, Parker and I reviewed his story and he completed a blank cake to outline the elements of his story. Later, he wrote his introduction which he will finish next week. I find it better not to rush the process even if it means using two assignments to create a better paper.


This week, we read a few winter themed books from our reading shelf.



Parker helped set up our calendar for January.

We read our poem about January from A Child’s Calendar.

Afterwards, Parker added dates and holidays on his worksheet.


Nose – Sense of Smell:

I brought out our human head model to see the parts of the nose our book was teaching us about.

Parker taste-tested a cookie with his nose plugged and unplugged so he could see how closely our sense of smell works with our taste buds when eating food. This was a super simple experiment that demonstrated the lesson perfectly.

We continued reading about the mouth in our Blood and Guts book. We brought out our model teeth as we read about incisors, bicuspids and molars. Afterwards, I had Parker color a parts of the tooth lapbook insert. Perhaps, I will create a printable with this and other parts of the body for note-booking.

After studying the nose, tongue, and teeth, Parker added stickers in his Usborne Human Body Sticker Book.

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