Betsy Ross (Ch 3)



Character Lessons:

Jordan continued reading through the FIAR Bible and character lessons. We split up any remaining scripture verses over the rest of the week. I try to give him a “daily Bible bite” to accompany his assigned scripture verses.

Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized Psalm 130:6 while rowing this chapter.


Quakers and the Church of Friends:

We read The Witch of Blackbird Pond a few year back and learned about some of the persecution Quakers faced in early American settlements.

I printed a worksheet about William Penn so Jordan could learn more about Quakers (

Jordan watched a few history clips from our Betsy Ross playlist. They were short, but gave historical information about the Quakers.

A Lifetime of “First Times”:

We added a “List of Firsts” in Jordan’s FIAR notebook.


Peppermint Sticks:

Jordan read The Sugary Secrets Behind Candy as his science lesson this week. He learned about the history and chemistry behind some of our favorite sweets.

We also watched a few candy cane clips, from our Betsy Ross playlist. We learned about the first peppermint stick company in Sweden. It was fascinating to watch how they still make their confections the same today.

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