Sonlight Level F (Week 22)


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible verse printable for John 10:7-18; however, I decided to have Parker memorize “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

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Parker traced the last stanza this week. On Thursday, he was able to recite the entire poem by heart. We’ll continue to smooth out the tricky parts next week.

Love Letters from God:

We continued reading Love Letters from God during our Bible time.

Parker and I took turns reading the Bible stories and love letters from God.

Parker continued drawing pictures to represent each story and writing down the key verses.



We started our study of Israel this week. I printed a copy of our All About Israel report for Parker to complete.

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Parker started adding information about Israel while I read aloud.



This week we read an ecclectic mix of family and farm-related books that tied into the story we’re currently studying, The Hickory Chair.

Comparison Report:

Parker continued working on his comparison report.

This week he added compare, contrast and concluding paragraphs. In addition, we cleaned up his paragraphs on each creature. This report will bleed into next week.


Food & Nutrition:

This week we continued catching up on the experiments from our Food and Nutrition for Every Kid.

Ch 4 – Uncoiled:

I continued creating science worksheets in Parker’s science notebook. I drew two boxes with a fork for Parker to illustrate the consistency of egg whites raw and beaten .

We had just conducted this experiment while making Japanese cheesecake. Using our photo for reference, he sketched the egg whites and answered the “Why?” Questions in his notebook.

Ch 5 – Brown Banana:

I created a “Brown Banana” worksheet in Parker’s science notebook, so he could record the results of this experiment.

Using the book, Parker and I conducted the experiment together.

Afterwards, we went over the “why” the fruit turns brown and how vitamin C slows down the discoloration.

Ch 6 – Hard Water:

I created a “Hard Water” worksheet in Parker’s science notebook, so he could record the results of this experiment.

Using the book as our guide, we followed each step of the experiment.

Afterwards, Parker recorded his results and we discussed the “why?” behind hard water, detergent, minerals, and soap scum.

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