Betsy Ross (Ch 7)



Character Lessons:

Jordan continued reading through the FIAR Bible and character lessons. We split up any remaining scripture verses over the rest of the week. I try to give him a “daily Bible bite” to accompany his assigned scripture verses.

Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized Isaiah 41:10 while rowing this chapter.


Geography – Flags:

Since Jordan was reading about flags around the world, I thought it would be fun to test his knowledge.

I brought out our Montessori flags, a world map, and our World Atlas. First, Jordan added all the flags he recognized, then he used the atlas to figure out the remaining flags. He LOVED this activity.

History – Flags:

In addition to reading the FIAR manual, I brought out An Uncommon History of Common Things and Jordan read about the US flag, the white flag of surrender and the Jolly Roger.


Appropriate Jargon in Writing:

Jordan is currently doing a compare/contrast report on electric guitars, so this unit was a wonderful addition to his LA program.

Writing & Discussion Question:

We talked about being friendly, but not being too trusting when it comes walking off with a stranger.



I had Jordan read a wonderful article about turpentine from Britannica Kids.


Create Your Own Flag:

For this activity, I allowed Jordan to choose the medium to create his own flag design.

He decided to create his own country flag using Minecraft. He said this would be his design if he had his own country. His design used a rule of opposites based on the English flag and its complimentary colors on the color wheel.

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