Betsy Ross (Ch 14)



Character Lessons:

Jordan continued reading through the FIAR Bible and character lessons. We split up any remaining scripture verses over the rest of the week. I try to write him a “daily Bible bite” to accompany his assigned scripture verses.

Memory Verse:

I assigned I Corinthians 13:7 as Jordan’s memory verse while rowing this chapter. I broke up the “love” chapter of 1 Corinthians for Bible this week. We payed close attention to what real love entails.


Writing and Discussion Question:

Jordan and I discussed possible reasons why Betsy jumped to the wrong conclusion. He was resolved to think Betsy was just being over-emotional. Whatever the actual reason, it is good practice to ask rather than assume.


Life Skills:

Encouraging Others:

I love the subject of encouragement – it’s what can make your home, work, or church thrive. Oh to have the heart of Barnabas. He was such an encouragement to the early believers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a reputation of being an encourager like him? My aunt Sally was an encourager. She encouraged everyone – the youth, single mothers and just about anyone she came in contact with.

The teenage years are wrought with emotions, but instilling a spirit of encouragement rather than competition should be a high priority. It’s easy to spot the things that irritate us and to point out weaknesses in others. It takes strength of character to look past the “persnickety” traits and find goodness. Jordan and I talked about trying to look for the good in others rather than build a laundry-list of things we dislike. He has a real knack for encouraging younger kids and I challenged him to do the same with kids his own age.

They may heckle and fight, but our kids have a strong bond. They tease and praise. I encouraged Bub to “see” the good rather than focus on the things that he finds irritating. This topic is always great to review.


Constellations Continued:

Jordan continued reading Find the Constellations, a book suggested from the “Why Do Stars Twinkle”, a science unit from chapter 13.

Jordan continued creating constellations cards as he read about each constellation. I’ll continue using this as an extra science unit until he finishes the book.

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