Betsy Ross (Ch 16)



Character Lessons:

Jordan continued reading through the FIAR Bible and character lessons. We split up any remaining scripture verses over the rest of the week. I try to give him a “daily Bible bite” to accompany his assigned scripture verses.

Memory Verse:

I assigned Deuteronomy 6:13 as Jordan’s memory verse while rowing this chapter.


Writing and Discussion Question:

Jordan and I talked about what America might be like today if the Revolutionary War never happened. He thought it wouldn’t be that bad; perhaps, we would live with English traditions like tea time. It’s hard for kids to imagine a strained relationship with England, given our good-standing with the UK today.



We continued our FIAR suggested reading of Everything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook.


Carry On, Mr. Bowditch was one of my favorite books to read while studying American history. There were so many life lessons woven throughout the pages of this classic book. Sadly, my boys remind me, “and the deaths”….which were also a common during that time period.

It was a fantastic story of apprenticeship, perseverance, love and so much more!

Jordan reviewed Paper Lanterns since he already read it earlier in the school year. He recalled all the main story elements…love this boy’s memory and FIAR heart!


Jordan read Katie’s Trunk to review the life of tories, colonists that remained loyal to England.



I created a matching worksheet to review the vocabulary words introduced in this chapter. Eventually, I’ll post a “grab bag” printable for Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag.

Jordan reviewed the list, answered the ones he knew and completed the rest through a process of elimination.


Constellations Continued:

Jordan continued reading Find the Constellations, a book suggested from the “Why Do Stars Twinkle”, science unit from chapter 13.

Jordan created cards for the new constellations he read about this week.

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