Neil Armstrong: Young Flyer (Ch 2)


This week was a little tough as the kids were pretty sick. While wrapped in blankets, they managed to plow through their work.


Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized Ephesians 5:25 while rowing the second chapter.


Kitty Hawk & the Wright Brothers:

Jordan read about the history of planes in The Usborne Book of Knowledge and Timelines of Everything.

He also read First Flight the Story of Tom Tate and the Wright Brothers.

King Edward VIII:

I added King Edward VIII’s Abdication speech to our Neil Armstrong – Young Flyer playlist.

Geography – England:

Last week, Jordan learned about The British Isles in his Mystery of History, vol II lessons. He had mapwok identifying the countries that together form The British Isles and those that are Great Britain.

This week, he focused on reading about the countries that make up Great Britain. I love when our curriculums align.

At the end of the week, Jordan color-coded the countries of Great Britain.



After reviewing his vocabulary words, we added them in his FIAR notebook.

Writing & Discussion Question:

After reviewing the chapter summary, Jordan answered the discussion question in his FIAR notebook.


How Airplanes Fly:

Jordan read The Magic School Bus Taking Flight and The Little Airplane, just for fun!

After reading about airplanes, Jordan labeled the parts of an airplane while I read our Parts of an Airplane Definition Cards (Montessori Print Shop).

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