You’re on Your Way Teddy Roosevelt (Ch 1)


We quickly added this book to our school year journey after reading about it in our Night Animals mini unit.

Reading Shelf:

We lined our reading shelves with almost everything we would cover throughout this beautiful picture book.

Cover Art:

Parker decided to sketch some of the animals, in this story, as the cover art in his FIAR notebook.

Story Disk:

We created our own story disk and Parker added it to New York.


History – Timeline:

First, we reviewed the American History timeline in our Timelines of Everything book. we also found Teedie on our American presidents page.

I ordered several timeline packages from Beautiful Feet Books. For this row, we used both our Early American and Modern American packs.

Geography – New York City:

History – American Indian:

I bought a Beautiful Feet U.S. map so Parker could paint his way through the states we study. So far, he painted California and Nebraska.

First, Parker read My Life as a Native American on our Epic app then he painted New York.

Once dry, we used The Encyclopedia of American Indians, as a reference, to add each state’s tribes.

Character – Leadership:

Parker read Leadership at Home on our Epic app. Later, we discussed the qualities of a good leader. We also talked about the difference between gifted leaders who act benevolently versus those with self-serving, even sinister, agendas.


Facial Expressions:

After reading about facial expressions and looking through the illustrations in the book, I brought out The Big Yellow Drawing Book.

After reading through drawing facial expressions for various emotions, I asked him to sketch six different expressions, following the book’s guidance.


Parker knew instantly that the werewolf was the illustrator’s use of symbolism in the story. We discussed how dangerous asthma was back then, without medication. He also read how asthma could become worse at night, which is why it affected his body and mind.

I added a clip about symbolism on our You’re on Your Way Teddy Roosevelt playlist.



Parker and I read about the lungs in our Usborne See Inside Your Body book.

Afterwards, Parker color-coded the parts of the lungs worksheet from our Story Review.


I added a clip about nightmares as well as sleep, in general, to our You’re on Your Way Teddy Roosevelt playlist.

Natural History Museum:

Our kids are familiar with the Museum of Natural History and love the suggested movie. We planned a field trip to a local one, but unfortunately, the kids were all sick. We read Katie and the Dinosaurs as a fun reminder.

Marine Creatures:

Parker and I looked at the octopus and seal in our Ocean Anatomy book.

We also read Ocean Life Up Close Seals on our Epic app.

Afterwards, Parker read through The Usborne Big Book of Sea Creatures.


I created a simple worksheet in Parker’s FIAR notebook do he could write all the animals, by class, whether mentioned or illustrated, in the first chapter.

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