You’re on Your Way Teddy Roosevelt (Ch 2)


Since we started the first chapter of this book while still rowing Night Animals, we didn’t use the Bible verse for this book until the second week.

Memory Verse:

I created a Bible verse printable to go along with this row.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store. There’s a bonus tracer in the Preview!



We looked at the suggested website of famous people who were homeschooled.

Afterward, we read Thomas Edison and His Bright Idea. To think his teacher told his mom he wasn’t smart. She knew different and we benefit from her choice to homeschool her brilliant son.

Historic Time Period, Reading Cues:

After looking at the suggested page, I asked Parker what clues let us know when the story took place. He mentioned the ship, clothing, carriage and realized it took place “long ago”.

I brought out Then and Now and had him look through the various pictures to see how things have changed from “long ago”.

Geography – Continents:

We took a moment to review continents and oceans using our file folder continent matching activity (homeschoolden).

I brought out our felt map so he could match up the continents and label the oceans.



This week, we continued learning about our lungs and asthma.

Parker read The Respiratory System and Asthma on our Epic app.

I set out a Breathing Model experiment from our Science Activities, Volume III.

Parker created his lung model and saw how the lungs expand and contract with the diaphragm.

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