You’re on Your Way Teddy Roosevelt (Ch 3)


Roosevelt Family:

We went online and read about the Roosevelt family. Two years ago, we studied FDR and his wife, Eleanor.

Parker remembered when we read about Eleanor Roosevelt in A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt, a warm-hearted story about a family during the Great Depression.


Types of Literature:

First, we talked about different types of literature. Then I gave Parker a Dewey Decimal System printable.

He to completed the lapbook insert while reading Do You Know Dewey? On our Epic app.


Body Building:

Parker read The Muscular System on our Epic app.

I set out a muscle matching activity for Parker to work on after learning about muscles in the human body.

Later, Parker read Being Fit on our Epic app on his own.


Family Movie:

I wasn’t sure if we would watch the entire movie, so I added a trailer for The Happiest Millionaire on our You’re on Your Way Teddy Roosevelt playlist.

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