Neil Armstrong: Young Flyer (Ch 3)



Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized Philippians 4:11 while rowing the third chapter.


Life Skills – Being Content:

Contentment is such a wonderful topic. In fact, it’s one we continually talk about as a family. We can be thankful, but it’s harder to stay in that lane – being at rest and not giving into the “gimmies”. Our flesh is always looking for “the next thing”, but that hunger for more leaves us empty and unrestful. With God’s help and the power of His spirit, we can learn to be content.

Writing & Discussion Question:

As with our other chapters, Jordan answered the writing and discussion question in his FIAR Notebook.


Jordan completed the vocabulary worksheet for the third chapter.

Figurative Language:

I added several clips to our Neil Armstrong – Young Flyer playlist.

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