If You Find a Leaf


This year seems to be a FIAR mini unit adventure. We’re catching up on all the units we missed. Each book boasts a treasure-trove of learning delights. If You Find a Leaf was the perfect autumn row for our learning journey.

Reading Shelf:

I added some of the suggested books along with others I had on hand. The shelf continues to grow all through our row as I gather books from the library and order a few new ones from Amazon.

Cover Art:

Parker drew a beautiful orange leaf as his cover art for this row.

Story Disk:

Parker colored the story disk and we placed it in the Oregon area. The west coast was filling up quickly.

Kick-off Breakfast:

I made cinnamon rolls with fall leaf sprinkles. As a sweet way to kick off our Autumn book!


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible verse printable for this row.

You can purchase your copy HERE. There’s a bonus FREEbie in the Preview.

Parker used the copywork page for his Bible verse. Later, we glued it into his FIAR notebook.


The Psychology of Perception:

This was a fun lesson. We used the leaf in the guide as an example. Parker saw Batman and I saw a clown.

We read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. This story showed many great examples of what leaves can become using the author’s perception.


Story Review:

I created a Story Review for this book.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT store.

Rhyming Words and Vocabulary:

I created a rhyming activity, in our Story Review, that we played together.

Bonus Vocabulary:

I created a vocabulary worksheet, in our Story Review, that Parker used to record his definitions.

Short Biography:

Parker read Some Writer! The Story of E.B. Whitey.

Parker used the Biography Research worksheet to record key information about E.B. White.

Afterwards, he wrote his biography in his writing sketch book.



The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree is one of our favorite picture books to explore apples, trees and seasons.

We’ve enjoyed studying this book since the kids were really young. My favorite was when they put clips in their hair, shaking them off like they were leaves.

We read several wonderful books about all four seasons.

We read a few autumn related poems including, Fall of the Yearfrom A Celebration of Seasons by Margaret Wise Brown.

Decreasing Light:


We read New Beginning Celebrating the Spring Equinox.

Parker colored, cut and pasted the spring items in his seasonal booklet.


We read The Longest Day Celebrating the Summer Soltice.

Parker colored the pictures for his Seasons booklet.

He cut and pasted the summer items in his seasonal booklet.


We read We Gather Together Celebrating the Harvest Season and learned about the fall equinox.

Parker completed the Autumn page of his seasonal booklet.


We read The Shortest Day Celebrating the Winter Solstice and learned about the fall equinox.

Parker completed the Winter page of his seasonal booklet.


Chlorophyll and Changing Color:

We reviewed fall leaves and pigmentation in Why Do Leaves Change Color?

This was a fun experiment, but I didn’t like the whole coffee filter versus the coffee filter strips. By the second attempt, the colors faded, but it was still a fun and colorful experiment.

I taped the coffee filter strips in Parker’s FIAR notebook and he wrote the leaf color.

Osmosis – Preservation of Leaves Using Glycerin:

The neighborhood trees were calling us with their vibrant reds, purples, yellows and the-like. I love the beauty of God’s great creation! It’s especially beautiful this time of the year!

I left our leaves in the glycerin solution for a few days.

We took them out and placed them on paper towels to dry.

Osmosis Experiment – Dried Raisins:

After reading about osmosis, the science behind it, I went to the kitchen to prepare our science experiment.

For this experiment, I brought out a variety of dried fruits: blueberries, apricots, and figs.

First, Parker sketched them in their dehydrated state.

I poured boiling water over the dried fruit and it soaked in the water by osmosis.

We came back to find our fruit plumped up.

Parker sketched the plump fruit in his notebook.

Nature Connection:

Out of curiosity, I purchased Beautiful Feet Book’s Seasons Afield nature science guide. I thought it would be perfect, given the suggested nature connection unit. It’s a beautiful program and the fall pages incorporate beautifully in this row.

Foraging Lessons:

We went for our daily walk and stopped on the hillside to read our first foraging lesson.

As squirrels were searching for acorns, Autumn Story was the perfect way to start this beautiful unit.

We had several busy squirrels, foraging in our neighborhood.

Foraging Berries:

We foraged the remaining berries in our yard. There were a few small blueberries and juicy ripe strawberries.

Outdoor Art – Watercolor:

We also learned about mixing watercolors to achieve some of the beautiful hues from Watercolor with Me in the Forest. Painting outside is a full sensory experience!

Parker’s Pumpkin Patch:

First, we read several books about pumpkins.

Parker and I went to the garden and he foraged his pumpkin patch. We went inside and washed his beautiful bounty!

A trip to the patch required a fun pumpkin exploration science activity! He measured, cut and explored to his heart’s content.

Pumpkin soup was the perfect ending to this wonderful science unit.


Choices an Artist Can Make:

We read Stranger in the Woods together and took notice of the pictures and how they helped tell the story.

Make it Memorable:

I created a make-shift scavenger hunt worksheet in Parker’s FIAR notebook.

He had fun searching for and making his own picture book connections.

Apple Harvest Muffins:

Parker helped me measure and mix our ingredients. We used our “foraged” pumpkins too!

Baking with kids are some of our greatest memories. We served them for breakfast! Yummy!

Mixed Media Leaf Collage:

This activity paired perfectly with our lesson on “perspective”.

Afterwards, we read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.

Parker created a mixed blue background by swirling dot paints together.

Next, he decided to add a basketball court in the background.

Then he used watercolor oil pastels to color the sport court.

After a failed paint pen attempt, he used white out to outline the basketball court.

He glued his preserved leaves to create a sporty leaf man.

He added googly eyes and a sharpie mouth and jersey.

We cut out a pumpkin from our gardening magazine. Parker used sharpie to add the basketball lines.

Parker’s Leaf Man Mixed Media art project turned out beautifully!


Pinterest Board:

You can find most of the activities, ideas, and printables from this post on our If You Find a Leaf Pinterest Board.

Youtube Playlist:

As with our other rows, we created If You Find a Leaf playlist with read-alouds, music, science, and other clips.

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