Sonlight Level C (Week 7)

This was a crazy week for us, because we had on-campus testing.  The days seemed to fly by, but we worked through our subjects and managed to weave in some learning fun.


Memory Verse:

This week I printed the last verse (Matthew 6:13) from our Bible Tracing Pack.

My Memory Verse Tracer Pages (Matthew 6:9-13)
Matthew 6:9-13 Bible Verse Pack

You can grab your FREE pack here at our TPT Store.

Parker traced and illustrated his verse on Monday.

On Wednesday, I cut apart his verse and he glued it together in his Bible notebook.  On Thursday, he recited his Bible verse by heart. Great job Parks!


Knights, Kings, & Castles:

I bought a few playmobil History figures for our unit on Castles and Medieval history.

Bub put together the Knights and cannon, while Parks put together the king and queen.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created an Apple Farm themed grammar grab bag for this week’s language arts lessons.

Apple Farm 2nd Grade Grammar Grab Bag #7
Apple Farm Grammar Grab Bag #7

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.


This week’s spelling list consisted of closed syllable words.  On Monday, he wrote them out with red and blue pen as we did in with our Sonlight Level B curriculum.

On Tuesday, he brought out his spelling cards again and completed his spelling word sentences (included in the ggb).


Since Parker has worked on syllables for several weeks, he didn’t need to use the apple syllable cards.

Parker completed his apple syllable worksheets (in ggb) by slicing the apple words by syllable and coloring the number of syllables for each word.

Long & Short Vowel:

I cut out the barn animal long and short vowel cards and presented them with the sorting mat (in ggb).

Parker read through the stack of cards, sorting by long and short vowel sounds.

Direct & Indirect Quotation:

First, we reviewed quotations and talked about how direct quotations show exactly what was said in quotation marks, while indirect quotations summarize what was said.

Parks really understood this lesson and was able to answer the questions without any trouble.


We reviewed alliteration and I handed Parker the Chicken Scratch Alliteration worksheet (in the ggb).



Circulatory System:

This week we read about the circulatory system.

We felt our pulses and even tried the play-doh and toothpick experiment to “see” our blood pumping (I remember doing this experiment with Haley when she was in 2nd grade).

I brought out our Janod Human Body Magnets, specifically the organs, because they show all the veins that run through the body.

The boys took turns putting the puzzle together.  This really is an excellent resource!

Jordan LOVES this activity too!  Great  job boys!

Respiratory System:

Next we learned about the respiratory system.

Parker laid on the floor, as the book suggests, and felt his chest moving up and down with each breath.

Model Lung:

Parks and I made the model lung.  Haley saw us working on this project and said, “I made one of those!”.  That brought a HUGE smile to my face!  She made teaching so much fun and still does today!

Pom-Pom Race:

I brought out play-doh, pom-poms, and straws for this lung-power activity.


We used the play-doh to create a spiral maze then used a straw to blow our pom-poms through the maze.  We tried to see how few breaths we could use to finish the race.  It wasn’t as easy as it looked.

The boys tried it on their own first.

Then we connected their mazes for a longer course.  This was a fun way to show the power of our lungs.

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