FIAR: Posts in Progress

Our family loves Five in a Row. We cherish all the learning moments and the memories we’ve made. As we make our way through volumes four and five, we realize our rows take much longer. Rather than skip out on lessons, we really feel the need to slow down and enjoy the journey. We explore each cave, wander each trail and glean the fields until we feel we’ve harvested all we can.

We’ve decided to try a new idea we’re calling, “Posts in Progress”. Each post will be “under construction” as we blog segments, from week to week, until complete. Those posts will be tagged with “Post in Progress” at the top of the page. Once complete, we’ll remove the banner and they’ll be filed under the appropriate FIAR volume.

For those who are working through volumes 4-5, as we are, we hope that this little change might help you on your learning journey.

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