Hanna’s Cold Winter


Cover Art:

Parker drew a beautiful picture of the Budapest Zoo for his cover art.

Story Disk:

Parker colored the story disk.

He located Hungary on our world map and placed the story disk there.


Bible Verse:

I created a Bible verse printable for this row.

You can purchase your FREE copy here. There’s a bonus FREEbie in the preview!

Parker traced his Bible verse and we added it to his FIAR Notebook.



We read Exploring Countries Hungary on our Epic app.

Parker worked on his country report while I read aloud.

He also located Hungary on the globe.

I brought out our Montessori puzzle of Europe. Parker assembled the pieces, placing the countries in their rightful place and locating Hungary.

World War II:

Parker and I read through World War II Days, from the American Kids in History series. This was an excellent book with wonderful activities.

Parker color-coded both the axis and allied powers ag play during World War II.

Six-Day Work Week:

We discussed work weeks together. We talked about typical corporate hours, part-time and full-time shifts in retail jobs and working from home. We had many examples to draw from within our extended family.

Since we were going over the days of the week, we read Today is Monday, just for fun. We love our Eric Carle picture books!

Famous Features of our State:

We talked about some of the famous features of our state like Hollywood, The Sequoia National Park, The Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, and SO MUCH MORE!

We perused through section about California in The 50 States book.



I chose to pair An Elephant in the Garden with this row. It’s set during WWII in Dresden. A mother, her two children and a young elephant from the zoo escape the bombing of their city. My son and I LOVED this story!

Story Review:

I created a Hanna’s Cold Winter Story Review for this row.

Parker worked through the pages of the Story Review.

Introduction and Plot:

I printed the Elements of a Good Story from our Story Review.

First, we reviewed what the story elements were in Hanna’s First Winter. I wrote the labels in white pencil so they would appear when Parker “frosted each layer” with dot paint.

Then he wrote the setting, conflict, rising action, and denouement for the story he was creating.

Parker used his outline to write his story. Later, he painted the setting of his story during our Paint a Village” art project.


First, we talked about Papa’s riddle. Parker knew the answer right away. Then we opened up our Fun Riddles book and read a couple.

We read a couple a riddles alone then brought it to the kitchen table. The whole family enjoyed solving riddles after dinner.

Compare & Contrast Literature:

Parker and I read Stone Soup together. We discussed the similarities between the people of this village and those from Buda and Pest.

We HAD to make a pot of soup. I pulled out some of our frozen pumpkin puree to make my Uncle Charles’ pumpkin soup. It paired beautifully with the crusty soudough bread Jordan made while rowing Betsy Ross (Chapter 2).



Parker helped set up our calendar for January.

We read our poem about January from A Child’s Calendar.

Afterwards, Parker added dates and holidays on his worksheet what shotgun do you have thunder heavy what colors?



We read about friction in Why Do Moving Objects Slow Down? A look at Friction on our Epic app.

Afterwards, we headed to the kitchen to conducts the experiments suggested in the book.

Cog Train:

We watched a video, from our Hanna’s First Winter playlist, about a cog train in America. It showed the mechanism, gears, and grooves in the tracks.

Hot Springs:

Parker read Geysers and Hot Springs on our Epic app.

Afterwards, I had him color-code the “Parts of a Geyser & Hot Spring” worksheet from our Story Review.


First, we read Cross a Bridge and looked through our old bridge project pictures from The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge.

We repeated the same experiment that showed how columns are used to spread the load, making the structure sound.

Just to prove the point, our TP tubes, appropriately spaced, held our bin, full of library books! 

We also read A Book of Bridges Here to There and Me to You.


I found a great “cut-away” picture of a jungle river featuring a hippo in our 3-D Explorer Rain Forest book.

Parker color-coded the parts of a hippo while I read our definition cards (Montessori Printshop).

Parker and I read about hippopotamuses in The Usborne Book of Knowledge and The National Geographic Encyclopedia of Animals.


First, we read Zoo by Gail Gibbons.

Afterwards, Parker looked at all the attractions at the Budapest Zoo. Then he planned his virtual trip.


I wanted to study animals behavior during the winter season while we rowed The Nutcracker, but we ran out of time.

We read a few fun winter books and learned how some animals adapt, hibernate and migrate. We’ll continue to research specific animals in the coming months.

Parker did a fun Winter Similes from our Story Review pack.


Drawing Villages:

First, Parker sketched his village, then he used watercolors to paint it.

Comparing Photographs of Architecture with Illustrations:

Using the internet, Parker and I compared some of the illustrations with photos of the actual buildings in Budapest. This was a quick and fun activity while discussing architecture. Parker was shocked that the Geller Baths looked the same today as they did back then!


Pinterest Board:

You can find most of the activities, ideas, and printables from this post on our Hanna’s Cold Winter Pinterest Board.

Youtube Playlist:

As with our other rows, we created Hanna’s Cold Winter Playlist with read-alouds, music, science, and other clips.

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